Sunday, May 26, 2019

Cody and Dustin, I was Wrong...

Dear Cody and Dustin,
I was wrong. 100% wrong. When I heard that you would be facing each other at Double or Nothing I
Photo: @baronovech
cringed. Cody, I was excited to see who you would be facing and frankly Dustin you weren’t it. Moxley, Page, CM Punk anyone. Didn’t matter. Dustin, I followed you on Twitter and I knew how proud you were of your younger brother when AEW was announced, so there was no animosity. However, now I understand.
Dustin not only were you the right choice I can’t think of anyone who would have come close to what you did. You were in great shape and absolutely delivered. Yes sir, you still got it. It was not only my favorite moment of the night -it was my favorite match. It was absolutely real, and the crowd chanting “Dusty Dusty Dusty” showed they were invested too. You now had me emotionally invested in a match I didn’t even want to see.
My favorite portion of the match was the figure-four in the center of the ring made me think of the classic struggles between your Dad and the “Nature Boy.” It was beautiful to watch as suddenly I was 12 years-old on the edge of my couch glued to the television demanding to see who would win. Also, I only remember one aerial move, (Bad Ass Dustin)and it made sense. Your match improved the show significantly for me at that point. True Story. The hug at the end with Dustin pointing to the heavens gave me serious goosebumps. Outstanding work Gentleman your Dad would be proud.

Thank you,
A Stupid Idiot

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