Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Four Way Scramble to Qualify for Cash in the Case...Sort of...

Photo: @Shaggy_McLovin

The Four-Way Scramble Saturday night at the FSW Arena has the same caveat that allowed Mondo Roxx to qualify for the FSW/LA LUCHA Limitless Tournament in April. Two of the four competitors, Remy Marcel, and Ice Williams have already qualified for the FSW Cash in the
Case(CITC) Ladder Match and face Suede Thompson and Shaggy McLovin. If Suede or Shaggy win they will qualify for the match. The winner of the CITC will be able to cash in for a Title shot for ANY Future Stars of Wrestling Championship at ANY time. Graves and Clutch of the Bonus Boyz have also qualified.
Last year’s winner Greg Romero will not be in the CITC match this year with his hands full in the No Limits division, but Shaggy and Suede are two guys who have been going in different directions. Despite being competitive in every match Suede Thompson has had his struggles in an FSW ring since last year and earning a spot in such an important match would be a great way to start a new streak. Shaggy McLovin has recently become a
Photo: @suedethompson
Champion for the first time and wants to keep his momentum going back in the FSW Arena. The Skatepark Scumbag didn’t compete at MECCA IV and would love to get back on a Casino show with a great chance to do it here.
Shaggy has become more confident in his game with a more aggressive attack moving forward taking the fight to his opponents. This change has led to victories and he’s also showing more innovation in his offensive repertoire as he continues to fill out and get stronger. The aggressiveness has carried over into his attitude as he appears less inclined to be the “good guy.” While not a Heel it’s clear at this point in his young career Shaggy wants to win matches. Period. Suede Thompson made his Ring of Honor debut earlier this year and has faced some of the top guys in the company  recently such as Taya Valkyrie/Heather Monroe, Shogun Jones, Andy Brown, and even his best friend, FSW Champion Chris Bey. The former No Limits and FSW Tag Champion is in the best shape of his life and very dangerous.
Or, will Remy Marcel or Ice Williams play spoilers and ruin both guys chance at a spot in the CITC Ladder Match at Sam’s Town Live on Sunday, June 23rd? Who Ya Got?

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