Friday, May 31, 2019

FSW Owner Joe DeFalco to Return at Rajah Live Pro Wrestling

Photo: JD3 Studios

Coaches like Joe Gibbs, Dick Vermeil, Jon Gruden, Jack McKeon and Hubie Brown all left the field, diamond or the court only to return years later with varying degrees of success. Some took the risk to have their names dragged through the mud for a few years potentially ruining their legacy and others achieve greater glory. Future Stars of Wrestling Owner Joe DeFalco is doing just that on June 29th as the Coach of Chris Bey’s team at Rajah Live: Team Warfare at the FSW Arena. BELL TIME 7PM. DeFalco told me he believes he’s returning as a Coach but made it clear he still doesn’t know all the details. Great coaches always keep their strategies a secret and it’s a nice selection by the FSW Heavyweight Champion. It’s obvious Bey values what the Boss brings to the table intellectually because DeFalco was clear there will be, “No in-ring anything.” Now you would suspect Bey’s best friend Suede Thompson would be high on his list of choices if not number one. However, there is plenty of talent for the “Ultimate Finesser” to choose from.
The last time we saw the FSW Boss was four years ago in a program with Rocky when Kevin Kross was his Personal Assistant. Speaking of Number One the FSW Tag Team Champions One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) were selected by Jack Jameson for his team, and Heather Monroe chose Alison Danger. The night also brings the return of the final team Captain SoCal legend B-Boy who returns to Las Vegas after a three-year absence. His intensity and physicality are a welcome addition to the Las Vegas wrestling scene.

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