Sunday, May 12, 2019

No Limits Champion Damian Drake comes out Swinging...

Drake at No Escape Jan. 25, 2019
Even though Greg Romero and Nick Bugatti squared off for the Number One Contender spot for Damian Drake's No Limits Championship it was the Steel Chair again that took the spotlight last night at the FSW Arena. We've recounted in this space how often the chair has been in play and last night was no different. This time it was No Limits Champion Damian Drake who interceded and took out both competitors. After the referee was knocked out Drake took the chair from Bugatti and inadvertently connected with Romero. The Champ then took out his frustration with a chair shot for Nick.
The assigned official ruled it a No Contest and a number one contender was not declared. No confirmation yet from the Future Stars of Wrestling Championship Committee on what's next, or whether Bugatti will meet Romero again. All signs point to a Triple-Threat at the FSW Tenth Anniversary Show June 23rd and it seems the logical way to settle this conundrum. It's been a great story so far and looking forward to watching it play out.

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