Friday, May 31, 2019

Pump Patrol to Face One Percent Saturday for FSW Tag Team Titles...

The last year has truly been the “One Percent Era” in the FSW Tag Team Division. The last few times we’ve seen the Champions has been in squash matches and their “toughest” opponent has been
Photo: Curt Matthews
Exceptional and Tenacious so you have a clear picture of what they’ve dealt with. After speculation and rumors the last few days FSW made it official and announced that Pump Patrol (Jared Wayne & Curt Matthews) are making their Future Stars of Wrestling debut tomorrow night against One Percent for the FSW Tag Team Championship at High Octane Calm before the Storm at the FSW Arena. BELL TIME 7PM…
Matthews and Wayne were trained by Luke Hawx and have made a name for themselves competing in Texas with Reality of Wrestling, Inspire Pro Wrestling, and Wildkat Sports in New Orleans. Wildkat has recently has booked FSW’s Spyder and Owen Travers as well as other west coast talent like “The Equal Opportunity Ass-Kicker” Ruby Raze. The last two years have seen the team expand into North Carolina and Maryland with MCW Pro Wrestling (MCW).
Pump Patrol will be the toughest test the Champs have had in an FSW ring since March against The Rascalz and Reno Scum at Sam’s Town Live. Will One Percent get complacent and possibly look past a team they’ve never faced before? Let’s keep in mind that Che Cabrera and Bad Dude Tito are scheduled and they have a habit of getting involved with matches they aren’t invited to. It’s led to them walking out with Gold before in SoCal, so nothing would surprise us. It’s great we’re discussing the division and actual competition for arguably the best Team in FSW History. The spotlight is on in Las Vegas Saturday night.

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