Friday, June 28, 2019

Who are the Top FSW Rookies so far in 2019?

Editors Note: Shaggy McLovin was originally on this list and he is not a rookie. He was replaced by Macho Mouse.

As the smoke clears from FSW10 we are at the halfway point of the wrestling year. The young talent in Las Vegas is plentiful with two standout rookies and a few that are just waiting for them to slip. We examined some of the top rookies to see who to watch for the rest of 2019. In fact, there are some intriguing matches within this group that would be great to see. Who’s the top FSW rookie up to this point?

Ice Williams
You might be surprised to see Ice Williams on this list of rookies and so am I. However, when I got confirmation from FSW on who qualified as a rookie Ice is one of them. It’s also possible he isn’t one but I listed him anyway if for any other reason than his awesome entrance at FSW10. I digress. He has qualified for the No Limits Scramble, Limitless Tournament, and Cash in the Case. His naysayers will point out that he didn’t win any of those, but it’s not as easy as some people may think to even get into those matches. Obviously, there were reasons some didn’t compete in all three but Ice, Matt Vandagriff, and Owen Travers is the only 3 who were in each. Williams has tons of promise from his personality, talent and his pure enjoyment to be in front of a crowd. Ice Williams is the clear front runner as Top Rookie.
Hero Lu at FSW Arena

Hero Lu
What’s not to love about this young rookie? He has the whole package to be a force in FSW very soon. The strength is there and he matches up with any heavyweights physically. It would be good to see him in some Openweight matches to see how he handles guys with more speed and quickness. There were rumors he was going to face FSW Champ, Chris Bey, a few weeks ago and that would have clearly been a good indicator. Lu has a presence and confidence that was on display in tough matches this year against Shogun Jones and new Nevada State Champion Hammerstone and picked up his first win in the Arena against the next rookie on the list…

Fresco has the size, look, and a sound microphone game already. He has begun booking regularly with FSW and the success will come as his experience grows. The height is legit which creates tons of mismatches and as he gets bigger and stronger it will be interesting to see where his development goes. His team with Mondo Dinero (Fresco-Dinero) won Tag Gold in Big Valley Wrestling (BVW) and are working together more in FSW. They were part of a high profile Four Way Tag match at Beers and Bodyslams acquitting themselves quite well, and we’ve already made our feelings known about them facing Bonus Boyz (Clutch Kucera & Sugar Brown).

Mondo Rox 
One of the most exciting and popular rookies in Las Vegas is Mondo Rox. The youngster from Albuquerque has a strong fan base and this kid loves every second of the attention. His ring work is solid and he qualified by winning a Four Way for the Limitless Tournament where he lost in Round 1 to No Limits Champion Damian Drake. Rox draws a lot of energy from the fans and looks to them for support throughout his matches. Mondo is usually booked in large tags or Scrambles in FSW so it would nice to see him against other No Limits contenders like Shaggy or Ice to see where his game is. This young man has a bright future in the No Limits division. 

Santana Jackson
The star of MJ LIVE recently teamed with the “King of Dong StyleJoey Ryan at Beers And Bodyslams, and was in the Nick Bockwinkel Memorial Battle Royal. Jackson paired with “Pain Train” Mazany at the FSW Arena, but we haven’t seen him one on one with No Limits competitors the likes of Ice, Shaggy, or Mondo. We don’t know if Jackson is going to be an eventual Title contender with improvement or more of a special attraction.

Macho Mouse
I added the MOST Macho Mouse after I removed Shaggy McLovin since we were notified he is not a rookie. The first time I got a glimpse I thought he was silly, but I've grown to be quite entertained by the young rookie. He delivers the elbow from the top effectively and is over with the Las Vegas fan base. Similar to Mondo Rox he wrestles in scrambles and tag matches so an opportunity in singles for him would be nice to see where his development is. Anyone on this list would be a quality upgrade in competition for him, but just like Santana Jackson we don't know yet if he is going to be a legitimate Title contender or a unique entertaining gimmick. Macho has the size and skill to give other young FSW stars problems if he starts to climb the rankings.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

PCW ULTRA UltraLight Title: "Superstar" Jake Atlas vs TJ Perkins

PCW ULTRA announced today that “Superstar” Jake Atlas will defend his Ultra Light Championship August 9th against TJ Perkins at No Quarter at the ILWU Memorial Hall or the ULTRAtorium for the converted. BELL TIME 8:30PM. Atlas is coming off his victory at Mind Crawler against Trey Miguel and a win over Perkins would be career-defining to this point.
Atlas is the top Cruiserweight in SoCal and with wins over Dezmond Xavier at WrestleSummit and now Miguel sealed it for now, but Perkins has been very impressive in his return to the Indie ranks this month. He beat Aussie Adam Brooks last time in Wilmington and had a tough Time-Limit draw with ULTRA fav “Relentless” Douglas James on Sunday here in Las Vegas. There were no signs of rust as Perkins looked better than ever and he will need to because nobody has been hotter than the “Superstar.”
If anyone is going to beat him then the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion is a likely candidate, but that’s easier said than done. His height and athleticism make Atlas a match-up nightmare at Cruiserweight and utilizes his reach advantage with vicious aggression. He’s one of the best strikers in the Wild West and can stand and trade with anyone in the division. Atlas may want to turn this into a slugfest to stay out of the traps Perkins loves to set for his submissions on the mat. This match is a Main Event anywhere.
"The Baddest Mother F***er in Professional Wrestling" SCHAFF returns to ULTRA after getting a victory in a Four Man Scramble at Mind Crawler as does Brian Pillman Jr. who also picked up a win in his debut. Matt Sydal is on the card and was scheduled to face former ULTRA Champion Shane Strickland earlier this year but was forced to bow out due to injury. Talented cat. Maybe he gets his Title shot against ULTRA King Mil Muertes who beat Swerve to win the Gold at WrestleSummit in April and took down Sami Callihan last time out. Any of those three would be dangerous opponents for Muertes. ULTRA and DEFY Tag Champs WARBEAST (Almighty Sheikh & Jacob Fatu) and ULTRA Women’s Champion Tessa Blanchard is also scheduled.
If you haven’t made the trip to the Long Beach area for an ULTRA show I highly recommend. One of the best shows I’ve been to this year. The crowd is passionate, committed and has a ton of energy from the first bell to the last. Great place to watch wrestling.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

FSW & Super Heel Announce Austin Aries, Frank Mir, and Tom Lawlor

Three more HUGE names have been announced for Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) and Super
Photo: FSW
Heel Promotions
inaugural event Natural Born Killers (NBK) July 5th at the FSW Arena. We saw the return of Austin Aries Sunday night with Frank Mir and announced he is his client and both will be competing at NBK.
Austin Aries “just wins Championships.” Personalities aside “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” is a 2X Ring of Honor (ROH) World and 3X IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion. He is arguably the best X-Division star in history where he is a 6X Champion. Aries can do anything in or out of the ring. He has superior grappling skills and rarely does he not hold that advantage in a match. Despite his tremendous in-ring work, his ability to play the mental game with opponents and fans is legendary. In many cases, he has an opponent beat before the bell rings as Aries takes residence inside their head. One of the top heels in the business. Period.
Frank Mir is one of my favorite fighters. I didn’t appreciate how good he was until I listened to him call the fights for World Extreme Cagefighting back in Urijah Faber’s heyday.  He helped me understand the nuances of fighting with his expert analysis. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion beat Tim Sylvia by breaking his arm at UFC 48 to win the Title. Unfortunately, Mir was injured when a car knocked him off his motorcycle. He was subsequently stripped of the belt, but when he returned Mir climbed right back into the Title picture when he survived the Brock Lesnar assault and caught him in a kneebar to get the submission win. Now a jiu-jitsu Black Belt Mir was the Coach of his Team on The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 before his bout with Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira who was the other Coach of his own team. For the first time in his career, Nogueira was knocked out by Frank in the Second Round. Mir and Aries interrupted Killer Kross to announce their arrival and look to prove who the baddest man is in the building that night. 
"Filthy" Tom Lawlor was on Mir’s Ultimate Fighter Season 8 team, and this is the first time we’ve seen Lawlor in the FSW Arena since May and he has a stranglehold on the MLW Title. Lawlor loves to fight whether it’s in MMA, Cage Match, Death Match, or in a Bar Room. While he has plenty of technical ability Lawlor seems much more comfortable in scrap and makes every effort to turn his matches into brawls. It makes no difference who his opponent is because his style plays anywhere with anyone. Really fun guy to watch.
Killer Kross, Stephan Bonnar, Gotch, Scarlett Bordeaux, Dave and Gina Mazany and "Relentless" Douglas James have already been announced for the card that merges Professional Wrestling and Mixed-Martial Arts on the debut event.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What's Next for Sefa Fatu...A Trilogy?

Sefa Fatu vs Hammerstone FSW10

The ProblemSefa Fatu was beaten by three men Sunday night at Sam’s Town Live and it cost him the Nevada State Championship. He’s made it clear he intends to get the Blue Belt back but he knows now what is in store for him going forward. Fatu thought he had an ally in former Champ Graves and we witnessed Sunday night that he’s the furthest thing from. It was a classic swerve double-cross that still has some Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) faithful trying to figure out their lives. Now “The Problem” is going to need friends soon because Hammerstone is difficult enough to beat by himself so with the rest of this Arizona wrecking crew in place, he’s nearly unstoppable. 
He likely will find committed allies in former FSW Tag Team Champions One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) who are still trying to find the truck that hit them roughly 48 Hours ago and left with the Belts. We may get a Six-Man Match as Gabriel Gallo would team with the reunited and new FSW Tag Champs the Gods of War (Graves & Hammerstone). While the Two-Time Tag Champs are excellent they have an agenda too in trying to get their own Gold back. Fatu endured plenty of insults from Hammerstone going into the match Sunday and it has to still be eating at him that he didn’t close the deal. There were obviously circumstances beyond his control, but it doesn’t change the fact there is a new Nevada State Champion.
Fatu is scheduled to compete this weekend for the Title in the Arizona Wrestling Federation (AWF) and won their Wildcard Rumble June 1st to earn the shot and has a great chance to soften the sting of losing the Blue Belt. In fact, Hammer is in the match along with AWF King WATSON, so Fatu gets
his hands on him pronto. However, the Nevada Gold was the first in his home promotion. His Dad and many members of his family were at Sam’s Town when he won the belt in January, so the importance of regaining that Championship cannot be understated. That aside he has had two excellent matches with “The Business” and you could argue he had him beaten in both times. It was more egregious Sunday night since Gallo literally came to the ring and helped up his buddy before the ten count. We’re not used to seeing Hammerstone require this much teamwork, but it’s obvious that despite his words he understands just how dangerous the Son of Rikishi truly is since it took three men to take the Title away.
A rematch with Hammerstone is a massive Main Event and would the third fight in a trilogy that has yet to see a clean win. That’s part of what’s made it so compelling and why I believe it’s been the feud of the year in FSW. How will the young star respond to this adversity? Well, if it’s anything like the rest of the Samoan Dynasty it won’t be long until we call Sefa Fatu a two-time Nevada State Champ.

Monday, June 24, 2019

FSW10 Post Fight: Suede Wins, Drake Lives Victoriously, Bone and Bodhi KILL IT

Suede Thompson got back in the Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) win column at a sold-out Sam’s Town Live winning the Nick Bockwinkel Memorial Battle Royal at the FSW 10th Anniversary Show last night. Thompson eliminated Gabriel Gallo to get the victory and erase any doubts whether there was Suederade left in the tank. We got the answer loud and clear and I don’t mean those “wrestling trunks” he wore to the ring. It was a quality win in a match that featured young stars like Shaggy McLovin, Hero Lu, WATSON, Sandra Moone, C-Lassic, Macho Mouse, Mondo Rox, and tag team Fresco-Dinero (Fresco-Matic & Mondo Dinero).
Once again when it mattered most the “New Age DaredevilDamian Drake lived victoriously defeating Nick Bugatti and Greg Romero to retain the FSW No Limits Championship. As expected the match was wild and crazy but came full circle in the end. As expected Mazzerati got involved sliding a chair in the ring, but Drake stopped it and chin-checked her with a perfect throw knocking her off the ring apron to the floor. One triangle averted, but another on the horizon. Douglas James and TJ Perkins fought to a Time Limit draw and both are top contenders for the No Limits Championship. If those two have a rematch the winner would walk into a Title shot.
Graves won the Cash in the Case, but that was just the beginning. He turned on Sefa Fatu and helped his new old friend Hammerstone win the Nevada State Title. Later on, he cashed in the briefcase with “The Business” and they took down Tag Champions One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) who had just seemingly retained against The Soul Burners. The Gods of War have returned to FSW and now have the Tag Team Titles. With Gallo in the mix, we could be looking at a very enticing Six-Man with Sefa and 1% taking on last night's Arizona Wrecking Crew. Sefa Fatu and One Percent lost nothing dropping the belts. They were completely blind-sided in both cases and will certainly have a rematch at some point.
The popular Death Match item the Staple Gun was put to good use in Funny Bone and Sinn Bodhi’s Heaven and Hell Match. I was admittedly lukewarm on this one and completely wrong. I enjoyed it very much and I think it was the best match of the night. Legos, tacks, guardrails, and a casket were
all part of this war. Funny Bone even stapled his photo to Bodhi’s head and then signed it getting a big pop. Bone got the win and we want to also congratulate him on his new documentary called – I AM Funny Bone.
The "Ultimate Finesser" Chris Bey stopped the clock and defeated Killer Kross clean and got the biggest win of his career. Bey continues his stranglehold on the FSW Heavyweight Championship and his star in Vegas may not be brighter. After the match, Kross was speaking was interrupted when Austin Aries returned. Aries was eventually joined by former UFC fighter and submission master Frank Mir. They announced that Mir would be part of Natural Born Killers on July 5th.
The Following (Cut Throat Cody & Jakob Austin Young) beat newly inducted into the FSW Las Vegas Wrestling Hall of Fame Hater Nation (Leon Hater, Legacy, Sugar Brown) after Cut Throat Cody made Legacy tap. They got one of the biggest pops of the show.
Shogun Jones beat Kenny King by Countout. I would like to see that one done again. I honestly don't think Kenny King would ever get booed in Las Vegas no matter how big a heel he is elsewhere.

#AndSTILL: Chris Bey Stops the Clock...Beats Killer Kross

The “Ultimate FinesserChris Bey removed all doubts to his legitimacy and became a Living Las Vegas Legend spearing Killer Kross through a table and retaining his FSW Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event of their 10th Anniversary Show Sunday night. I spoke to Bey before the match and asked him how he felt, and he said simply, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this. I’m tired but I’m ready.” He certainly was and took the fight to the Challenger from the opening bell. Unfortunately, an ill-advised decision to Irish whip Kross was blocked and he was unceremoniously tossed out of the wrestling ring.
Kross threw Bey around at will making multiple soft covers. They went outside the ring and the Champion grabbed a chair and that idea back-fired when Kross punched it and knocked him down. It was clear the Champ intended to be aggressive but he was bordering on overanxious and overaggressive which nearly cost him. They exchanged shots and Bey showed his toughness, but most of the time the “Ultimate Finesser” lost the exchanges. Bey was put through a table again just like he was at MECCA, but the Champion wasn’t going down. He kicked out of Doomsday which threw the Challenger into a state of shock. Kross grabbed another table and set it up in the corner.
Here’s where the Champion adjusted. He was done trying to overwhelm The Tollman and settled into
his counter-attack which is what makes him so so dangerous. He took his time and baited him. Then he seized his opportunity and gained the advantage and had the Challenger reeling. Bey hit another frog splash which his opponent kicked out of almost from instinct because he didn’t look right. He stumbled in front of the table in the corner and Bey hit the spear. Ball Game. The biggest match of his career became the biggest win of his career.
What a victory for a man who is rapidly becoming one of the great Champions in FSW history. He’s now beaten arguably the two best of all-time in Hammerstone and Killer Kross, so who could he make an IMPACT against next? He could be looking for revenge against Morrison, or with TJ Perkins, and now Austin Aries in the mix who knows. There are lots of options for the 23-year-old Superstar.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Scrambled No Limits Title: Damian Drake vs Nick Bugatti vs Greg Romero

The top of the No Limits division has been crazy to say the least. Champion Damian Drake has been locked in a struggle with Greg Romero and Nick Bugatti to retain his Title, but has the chance to close the deal tonight in a Triple-Threat. A Steel Chair has been the centerpiece of this wild No Limits feud as all three competitors has used one at some point or another. The hate is real in this one and here’s a breakdown of tonight’s No Limits Title Match at the Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) 10th Anniversary Show tonight at Sam's Town Live. BELL TIME 5PM.

Nick Bugatti has the toughest hill to climb in this one. He likes to slow the pace down and work on specific body parts. He won’t have that option here may rely on the “assistance” of Mazzerati who may be at ringside. If she slithers into Sam’s Town Live she’ll be part of the plan and is certainly willing and able. Anytime Mazzerati is in the building she has to be accounted for. "The Italian Flamingo" has been inches away from the No Limits Belt and if Romero hadn’t interfered once and refused to count the pin in another he’d likely be Champion again.  

Greg Romero has kicked up a lot of dust since he got involved in Daredevil business at Against All Odds Rumble back in December of 2018, and the chair throw that took out Drake started a chain reaction leading to tonight. Since then all we’ve seen is dust. Romero wasn’t able to beat Bugatti either, and the Champ came wielding the steel chair taking out both of them in the Number One Contender Match. However, he got the pin at Beers and Bodyslams in an 8 Man Tag and looked really comfortable even chasing Shogun Jones out of the ring after the contest. It’s not easy to look good against Bugatti in singles to be fair, but this is a scramble and Romero likes to create space which makes him even more dangerous with this stipulation.

Damian Drake got the win at MECCA IV pinning Trey Miguel but lost in the Limitless Tournament Final to Douglas James leading pundits to speculate that DJ is really at the top of the division now. However, Drake has beaten Shaggy McLovin, Suede Thompson, Jake Atlas, and Matt Vandagriff during his reign, and the aforementioned Scramble. He’s had multiple opportunities to finish Bugatti and has been unable to do so as the Italian Flamingo has been successful at grounding the “New Age Daredevil.” This style of match sets up perfectly for the Champion though where he can use his speed and open up the offense for his deadly aerial attack. It's the best scenario for Drake with this stipulation and look for him to deliver again on the Sam's Town Live stage.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Disco Inferno goes into FSW Hall of Fame...

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) announced yesterday that Disco Inferno is the third inductee into the FSW Las Vegas Wrestling Hall of Fame. Disco will be inducted with the late FSW SuperFan Eileen Bruno and Hater Nation tonight at 7PM at the FSW Arena.
After my stint in the Navy and an Alaska adventure, I returned to watch wrestling right around 1995
and went right back to World Championship Wrestling (WCW). When I first saw him I thought it was one of the dumbest character gimmicks ever but I figured he would job out a few times and we would never see him again. That may have been the plan but instead, it was the beginning of a career that so far has spanned three decades. He annoyed the crap out of me, and I couldn’t stand him from the first time I saw him dancing under a disco ball. Every time he would be on TV I would cringe and make some comment about how much “I hate this effing guy.” Of course, that was the WHOLE point.
You would hear his music hit and he would make his way to the ring with that smug grin on his face, but then he would grab the microphone, insist on dancing and on and on it seemed. My skin would crawl and I couldn’t wait for him to finish so he would get the shit beat out of him. I’m not sure there was anyone I enjoyed seeing lose more than Disco. He has a real talent for making you hate him and not everyone is good at that.
Disco really is a great heel but he also had a nice degree of success in the ring. He arrived in WCW in 1995 and during the early years of his career wrestled Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Diamond Dallas Page. In September 1997 Disco beat Alex Wright to win the WCW Television Championship on Monday Nitro and held the Title until Perry Saturn won the strap in November. He’d win the TV Title again and would also add the Cruiserweight and Tag Titles during his WCW career. He was with the company until the second to last Monday Nitro in 2001.
His FSW career began in 2009 as the first Main Event at the Silver Nugget. He has since shared the ring with Remy Marcel, Kenny King, Raven, Michael Modest, Eli Drake, and Tommy Dreamer. He returned June 13th at Beers and Bodyslams teaming with UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar in a Tag match against Joey Ryan and Santana Jackson at Downtown Neonopolis.
Despite his distaste for women’s wrestling in some ways, he’s been a pioneer. In October of 1997, he wrestled Jacqueline in what was billed as a “Man vs Woman” Match here in Las Vegas at Halloween  Havoc.

The intergender match was uncommon then but Disco has made a name for himself recently in facing the likes of Scarlett Bordeaux, Ashley Vox and Tessa Blanchard on IMPACTWrestling. FSW Boss Joe DeFalco said that “Disco is the most hated wrestler in Las Vegas” when I posed the question recently and that could well be accurate since he might be the most hated man on IMPACTWrestling too only part-time. Disco has had a major part in the training of several of FSW’s top stars including Killer Kross and Chris Bey who are in the Main Event tomorrow night. He also co-hosts a podcast with Konnan called Keepin it 100 and his brutal honesty is refreshing even if he still finds a way to get under your skin. I never thought I would see Disco Inferno and Hall of Fame in the same sentence, but we do, and it’s deserved. Congratulations Disco.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Is One Percent already the Best Team in FSW History?

One Percent at MECCA IV
Regardless if One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) loses the Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Tag Team Titles Sunday night at FSW 10th Anniversary they are one of the greatest teams in FSW history. The Champs won the Gold for the second time on December 1st at the FSW Arena against the Bag Boyz (Chris Bey & Suede Thompson) ending a feud in Las Vegas that began last summer. Since that night Isaacs and Nelson have been dominant. They beat the Bonus Boyz (Clutch Kucera & Sugar Brown) in the cage at No Escape, The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier) and 4X FSW Tag Champions Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) at MECCA IV and it was then you started hearing the whispers whether the current Champs are indeed the best team in the company's history. If you have a discussion about the best teams in FSW’s ten-year history Reno Scum, Suburban Commandos (D-Unit & T-Rent), Bonus Boyz, and Whirlwind Gentleman (Jack Manley & Remy Marcel) would all be mentioned and rightly so. The Suburban Commandos had two Title reigns longer than One Percent’s current 204-day mark (as of FSW10). Reno Scum are 4X Champions and have the longest reign in history but have lost to Isaacs and Nelson multiple times since last year as did the Boyz and Gentlemen.
The Champs wrestled squash matches since MECCA IV but had a tough Title defense June 1st against Pump Patrol (Curt Matthews & Jared  Wayne). Some pundits thought the Champions should’ve had an easier time with the team making their FSW debut and maybe lost the edge they had earlier this year. I enjoyed the match and thought One Percent needed one like that, but after the win, the Soul Burners (Tomaste & Ryan Taylor) attacked the Champs leaving them in the ring and issued a challenge. The fight was signed and here we are.
However, the Soul Burners’ continue to poke the bear. Tomaste called out Isaacs and Nelson on
Soul Burners layout One Percent June 1st
Social Media saying they will be taking the FSW Titles back to California. He certainly has a right to be confident. The challengers dominated the Bonus Boyz earlier that evening and didn’t care about the Champs “legacy” when they cracked 'em over the head with a drum. Taylor and Tomaste beat RMB with a methodical, grinding attack plan and if they can duplicate that Sunday we could have a Title change.
Yet this may be just what One Percent need. Maybe the Pump Patrol match was tougher than it should have been but attacking them hasn’t been the card to play previously. The Bonus Boyz also attacked the Champs at the Arena before a Sam’s Town Live show but Nelson and a bloody Isaacs retained in the cage at No Escape. Every time One Percent has needed to rise to the occasion they’ve done it and we should expect no different, but they could be in for a big challenge Sunday. A win will go a long way towards cementing their legacy.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

#FSW10Week - Cash in the Case Match Preview...

Graves vs Sefa @ No Escape

We saw the return of Cut Throat Cody at Beers and Bodyslams who won Cash in the Case in 2013 (as Crash Test Cody), and won it last year, so who ya got? The Future Stars of Wrestling 10th Anniversary is this Sunday night at Sam's Town Live. BELL TIME 5PM. The winner gets a shot at any FSW Title. Here are the qualifiers for this year's match.
Clutch Kucera – Beat VIP on May 11th to qualify for the CITC and is more than capable of getting the victory. Had his partner Sugar Brown qualified the Bonus Boyz could have worked together but it was not to be. Clutch maintained control throughout the match to earn his spot as VIP is still looking for a quality win in FSW.
Remy Marcel – With a little help from his Manager Sal E. Marcel got the win over Mondo Rox. The youngster from Albuquerque attempted a sunset flip but Marcel grabbed the ropes and his Manager helped him and Senior Official Austin Grimes was in a poor position and didn’t see it. Marcel controlled a large portion of the contest and his FSW Resume certainly indicates he’s a major threat in the CITC match. Marcel won the No Limits and FSW Championship in a ladder match so he is more than familiar with this stipulation.
Ice Williams – Beat Bonus Boy Sugar Brown in a fun back and forth affair. It looked like Sugar was going to finish the fight and Ice was out on his feet. A quick check from the official and the match continued, but Ice baited his opponent and reversed Brown’s attempted at a Buckle Bomb and got the pin. Ice said, “got him,” and began laughing afterward since he certainly didn’t look the worse for wear. Williams participated in the No Limits Cage Scramble and the Limitless Tournament but he was not successful. A win would guarantee him a Title shot some say he deserves since he’s beaten Shaggy who just wrestled No Limits Champion Damian Drake (Non-Title) and FSW Heavyweight Champ Chris Bey while Williams has to scratch and claw to get into the CITC match. This is a big moment.
Graves – In what is easily described as a controversial win, the former Nevada State Champion “beat” Shogun Jones to qualify. Jones' foot was clearly on the rope, but the assigned official counted anyway. WAR! WAR! WAR! Graves is certainly one of the favorites if not the favorite and he hasn’t lost in FSW since dropping the Nevada Gold to Sefa Fatu at No Escape January 25th. These ladder matches with multiple opponents don’t always favor the best wrestler or strongest, guy, they tend to favor the best strategy. We’ll see if Graves can put together the appropriate Battle Plan for this one.
Matt Vandagriff – The “Flip Artist” beat Kyle Hawk in a very good match on June 13th at Beers and Bodyslams and is looking for a high profile FSW win. Like Williams was in the No Limits Scramble and Limitless but came up empty. It was a very physical match and Vanda drew the respect of Kyle Hawk who gave him a very sportsmanlike hug which is very unusual for him. One of his heroes Jeff Hardy is the Master of the Ladder match so we’ll see if Vandagriff can repeat the WWE legends success and get the victory at FSW10.
The FSW was mum about who the sixth person would be when I reached out to them so who knows what could be in store. With surprises possible who knows who could walk down the ramp at Sam’s Town Live. Or it’ll just get announced after I post this.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

BVW Announces "The High Flying Sensation" Steven Andrews June 30th...

Big Valley Wrestling (BVW) announced on Facebook yesterday that “The High Flying Sensation”
Photo: Big Valley Wrestling
Steven Andrews
would be 1 of the 4 competing for a BVW contract at UNSTOPPABLE June 30th at the Sahara Events Center. BELL TIME 2PM. This is the BVW debut for Andrews and a chance to make his mark on the Las Vegas Wrestling Scene.
 The 31-year-old is the current Alpha Omega Wrestling (AOW) Champion a Title he won from Eric Watts on January 19th in Twenty-Nine Palms, California. This was Andrews first singles Title in AOW after multiple attempts to procure Gold in the SoCal promotion in Scrambles against Funny Bone, and All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) Scorpio Sky in 2016. He’s defended the Title multiple times since his victory including a recent DQ win in his rematch with Watts. 
Prior to that Andrews had success in the AOW Tag Team Division winning Gold on two occasions with Drake Fortune (as Team High Def). The 2X Champions faced teams like PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas), Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard), and even AEW’s The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) who trained him and gave him his first shot in wrestling.
 There is nowhere off limits to the Andrews aerial attack as he is more than willing to take the fight anywhere at any altitude. If the High Flyer can get the win it’s hard to argue he wouldn’t be an immediate threat to any BVW Championship. His style is difficult to prepare for and there are few if any on the roster who can match his quickness and athleticism. Andrews has been a fixture in AOW for many years but he’s also competed with Empire Wrestling Federation (EWF), Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS), Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), and the Insane Wrestling League (IWL).

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Simon Gotch is another Natural Born Killer...

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) and Super Heel Promotions announced that none other than former WWE, and current Major League Wrestling (MLW) star Simon Gotch will compete on Natural Born Killers July 5th. Gotch has been confirmed with Killer Kross, Scarlett Bourdeaux, Dave "Pain Train" Mazany, Gina "Danger" Mazany, "American Psycho" Stephan Bonnar, "New York Bad Ass" Phil Baroni, and also added last night "Relentless" Douglas James. This is the FSW debut for Gotch who was best known in WWE as one-half of the Vaudevillains with Aiden English where they won NXT Tag Titles prior to his call-up and before going North they would lose the belts to The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson). The team arrived in WWE with much fanfare but it was not followed by in-ring success, and Gotch ultimately left the company.
Prior to his time with WWE Gotch was a long-time grinder on the Indie scene beginning in Northern California with All Pro Wrestling (APW) and eventually the Empire Wrestling Federation (EWF), Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), and World League Wrestling (WLW) competing primarily as Ryan Drago until he arrived in New York. He trained with NWA Legend Harley Race and you can certainly see the similarities in style. Gotch also likes a slow meticulous pace and takes his time to execute each move with the utmost efficiency. Simon wears down opponents and will bend the rules when necessary.
When Gotch returned to the Indie circuit he competed in Chikara’s King of Trios with The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti). They beat The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne, Jim Obstruction & Leigh Obstruction) and lost in the Quarterfinals to British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate & Trent Seven). Gotch made his Ring of Honor (ROH) debut and got a shot at the ROH Television Title against “The Last Real Man” Silas Young but came up short.
His time with MLW has revealed a darker side than anything we saw in WWE. First he turned on Tom Lawlor and “Team Filthy” and since teaming with (Jacob Fatu & Josef Samael) as Contra Unit they’ve used steel stakes, thrown flames in faces, and attempted to set others on fire. He even shaved his trademark handlebar mustache. That aside Gotch is a very capable in-ring competitor. During Wrestlemania week he competed with GCW at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport event against the monster J.R. Kratos in a losing effort.  

Here is my Indie Watch and interview with Douglas James in May.

#FSW10 WEEK: FSW Announces Six More for Battle Royal...

The "Hell Hound” Gabriel Gallo hasn’t won since he returned to Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) this year and Sunday night he will compete in the Nick Bockwinkel Memorial Battle Royal along with five other wrestlers looking for another marquee win, one looking for any win, and three looking for a statement win.
The Arizona Legend and seemingly every wrestler from the Copper State’s trainer has aided former 602 day FSW Champion Hammerstone in two losing efforts against Sefa Fatu. Gallo challenged for the Nevada State Title and was beaten by “The Problem” then ate the pin in a tag Match (vs Sefa and Graves) when he paired with your boy Hammer a few weeks later at the FSW Arena. His size, strength, and power make him an obvious favorite in this type of match. Gallo will be tough to eliminate and there will likely be few he can’t dispose of by himself.

Santana Jackson teamed with Joey Ryan at Beers and Bodyslams 7 Thursday night and the team picked up the win when the “King of Dong Style” pinned Disco Inferno. Jackson is the star of "MJ LIVE" and has competed throughout Las Vegas even teaming with fellow Battle Royal participant Dave “Pain Train” Mazany, but there are no friends when the bell rings.

We’ve chronicled Suede Thompson’s FSW woes in 2019 and by his count, it’s at 14 consecutive losses. Regardless of that Suede is still one of the favorites to win this no matter who might end up in it. He’s been a Finalist at two Against All Odds Rumble’s and this might be the perfect set-up for Thompson to quiet the Curt Hawkins whispers.
Shaggy McLovin has won Gold in Las Vegas but is still looking to make his mark in FSW, but it certainly without trying. Shaggy’s played second chair to Ice and watched the fellow top prospect compete in the Limitless Tournament and the No Limits Cage Scramble instead of him. What we know is that Shaggy is talented and that was on display Thursday Night in arguably Match of the Night against FSW Champion Chris Bey.
Mondo Rox did qualify for the Limitless Tournament and had a quality outing against No Limits Damian Drake. This young man loves the spotlight and this may be the biggest in his career. A win here could initiate talk of a rematch with Drake, not to mention Bugatti or Romero should either of them win Sunday. Rox held his own against the Champion in April and would go into another No Limits Title match with tons of confidence should he win the Battle Royal.
Hero Lu has only been back a couple months and has already faced Shogun Jones and Hammerstone. Despite those losses you can see the talent which was on display when he defeated Fresco-Matic  June 1st. Lu combines power, speed, and athleticism into a wrestler who could be challenging for an FSW Title sooner than later.

Monday, June 17, 2019

#FSW10 Week: Hall of Fame, Battle Royal, and Hammerstone knows Jack...

We've been waiting for this folks, FSW10 Week is here. We're now less than seven days away from the biggest event in FSW's history at Sam's Town Live the home of Pro Wrestling in Las Vegas. FSW10 is just the event on Sunday night. The card will be preceded the night before because on Saturday, June 22nd at the FSW Arena will be the FSW Las Vegas Wrestling Hall of Fame Ceremony. Tickets are only $20 and there won’t be a dry eye in the place as FSW SuperFan Eileen Bruno will be posthumously inducted along with Hater Nation. There will be food and drinks at what should be a very special evening.

We have been able to confirm Six competitors for Sunday's Nick Bockwinkel Memorial Battle Royal: VIP (Vincent Impact Pride), Dave "Pain Train" Mazany, Lazarus, "Exceptional" Alexander Braven, Ricky Triforce Tenacious, and Macho Mouse. Macho recently used a great deal of cunning to win a Battle Royal in the Wasatch so he cannot be counted out.

Still no word yet on the final entrant for FSW 10's Cash in the Case Match. The stakes are even higher this year as the winner can Cash it in for a shot at  ANY FSW Title. We won't have a repeat winner because last years Mr. Cash in the Case Greg Romero is competing in a Triple-Threat (vs Damian Drake & Nick Bugatti) for the No Limits Title.

Hammerstone took to video and continued to disparage FSW Nevada State Champion Sefa Fatu using Jack Daniels and Coke. He mixed a “Jack and Coke” drink with water to imply that Fatu is not the real thing and is a watered-down version of his family that includes his Father Rikishi, Brothers Jimmy and Jay Uso, The Rock and Roman Reigns. Your boy Hammer and “The Problem” are scheduled for a Last Man Standing Match at FSW 10 in a rematch of their classic at MECCA IV. From the moment “The Business” challenged Fatu for the Blue Belt he has attacked his lineage and Sefa in particular. Now Hammerstone will have the chance to back up his bold words next Sunday at Sam’s Town Live.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

FSW & Super Heel Promotions: Four Killer Announcements for July 5th...

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) and Super Heel Promotions announced the first four competitors for Natural Born Killers on July 5th at the FSW Arena. BELL TIME 8PM. The first two fighters announced are the "First Family of MMA" Dave “Pain Train” Mazany and his sister Gina “Danger” Mazany.
The “Pain Train” retired from MMA with an impressive record of 17-6-1 (NC) with 8 wins by knockout and 6 by submission. Mazany was the EFC Lightweight Champion when he hung up the gloves. The Xtreme Couture product has made a name for himself with FSW and is booked regularly, but has yet to make a serious run at any Titles. He is very popular with the FSW Faithful as chants for “The Claw” begin before the bell rings. Fun Fact: I “met” Dave on a plane flight last Friday to Kansas City. It was very early and everyone was tired. I was in my seat and saw him coming down the aisle. He could tell by my reaction that I recognized him and
had his usual smile when I said hello and shook his hand. Cool guy.
His sister Gina is early in her career and has posted a record of 5-3. Her last four MMA fights have been with the UFC. She competed in FSW’s Against All Odds Rumble in December and returns to the FSW Arena with high expectations.
UFC Hall of Famer “The American Psycho” Stephan Bonnar made the transition to Professional Wrestling in 2017 and has a 15-9 Mixed-Martial Arts record. Bonnar was inducted into the UFC HOF on July 6th 2013. His fight with Forrest Griffin was the Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale at Cox Pavilion (you read that right) here in Las Vegas on April 9th 2005 and considered by many to be the best UFC fight of all-time. UFC President Dana White has said it was the most important fight in UFC history and that would be difficult to argue.
The self-funded Ultimate Fighter television show changed the game for the UFC and that fight was the ignition fuel. The 42-year-old fought at Light Heavyweight (205) during his MMA career, but he isn’t your traditional pro wrestling 205 pounder. Bonnar is as big, strong guy and was always a tough out even if he might be overmatched. He teamed up with Disco Inferno Thursday Night in Tag action against Joey Ryan and Santana Jackson Beers and Bodyslams 7 in a losing effort. Bonnar had a solid career in the UFC and shared the Octagon with Five former or current UFC Champions (Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Tito Ortiz, Forrest Griffin, and Rashad Evans).

Phil Baroni is one of my favorite fighters from the earlier years of UFC. I was learning about the sport and rented UFC DVDs from a place called a video store. He always let his heavy hands go and was willing to scrap with anyone which made him an immediate favorite. The New York Bad Ass won his last MMA contest in May of 2018.  

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Big Valley Wrestling Roundup: UNSTOPPABLE Announcements...

Big Valley Wrestling (BVW) announced three matches for their event UNSTOPPABLE on Sunday, June 30th and takes place at the Sahara Events Center 800 E. Karen.  BELL TIME 2PM. The Main Event features Las Vegas Champion and legend Leon Hater faces the former Champ “The Delinquent” Kevin Ducqets in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match in the culmination of a rivalry that has set Big Valley Wrestling on fire this year. Hater won the Title when he beat Ducqets at the Cauliflower Alley Club in a Retirement Match last April.
Santana Jackson teamed up with Indie star Joey Ryan at Downtown Neonopolis this past Thursday night and will join forces with Mikey O’ Shea and Sean Black in Six-Man Action. Jackson got the win two nights ago and he hopes to do the same at the end of the month. His trio will face Toom E. Gucci’s formidable team of Ricky Mandel who recently won Gold again in Arizona and Frank The Tank who has had a vice grip on the BVW Heavyweight Championship. This is the first time for Gucci in a Big Valley Ring and Jackson will be looking to deliver his patented Moonwalk DDT.
Speaking of Vice grips on Titles Big Valley Wrestling Tag Team Champions Fresco-Dinero (Fresco-Matic & Mondo Dinero) enter the toughest match of their career against The Ballards. Shane and Shannon Ballard are hockey style fighters and SoCal Legends who’ve competed all over the Wild West including Big Time Wrestling (BTW), Millenium Pro Wrestling (MPW), Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS), and are 3X Vendetta Pro Wrestling (VPW) Tag Team Champions. They have an unorthodox style that will be different from what the Champs are used to, but we’ve seen in the past the young grapplers are not afraid to mix it up. Big Test.
Former BVW Tag Team Champions Exceptional and Tenacious are also on the card and there is a Scramble Match for a Big Valley Wrestling contract. This continues a busy summer for BVW as they have cards scheduled Sunday, July 14th and Sunday, July 28th both at Sahara Events Center. BELL TIME 2PM. 

Friday, June 14, 2019

FSW Beers and Bodyslams Post Fight: Vandagriff, Bodhi, Bey, DJ win, and Suede...Well...

The King of "Dong Style" Joey Ryan teamed up with Santana Jackson last night to defeat Disco Inferno and UFC Hall of Famer Stephon Bonner. Ryan stuck his blow pop in Inferno's mouth and delivered a perfect Superkick to get the pin. A good crowd walked up on a hot Vegas evening. If it was hot for us I can't imagine how hot it was for the wrestlers. Despite this, it was a fun show with several good matches. 

Matt Vandagriff qualified for the Cash in the Case Ladder Match at FSW 10 by defeating Kyle Hawk last night. The match began with chain wrestling and both drew rounds of applause from the fans in attendance. It was back and forth as the “Flip Artist” was able to lure Hawk into attempting aerial moves instead of trying to stay on the ground where he has an advantage.  Vandagriff is astute at this and being able to turn the pace up helped lead to his victory. Now the question is will FSW 10 be the big moment for him. He’s had multiple opportunities which we’ve documented here, and his FSW run in 2019 has largely been successful. Now he has another high profile match and this time you could argue he’s the favorite. It’s a ladder match and that certainly appeals to Matt’s advantage in the air and the young man is certainly due for a marquee win in FSW. Will the 10th Anniversary be that moment?

SINN Bodhi retained his OVW Anarchy Championship when he pinned Ice Williams and also got the right to choose the stipulation for his previously announced match at FSW 10 against The DEMIGOD of DEATH Funny Bone. Not surprisingly Bone was the surprise opponent for Bodhi in the Four-Way with WIlliams, and Remy Marcel, but the Warlord of Weird was having none of it even threatening to leave and not compete. However, Funny Bone gave him the option to choose the stipulation if he remained. This match is a result of Bodhi pushing the DEMIGOD off the turnbuckle at MECCA IV resulting in Nick Gage getting the win. What kind of match should we expect at FSW 10?
Suede Thompson came out and acknowledged the dirty little secret in the room that he hasn’t won in FSW since 2018. By his count last night he was at 13, and then he called out No Limits Champion Damian Drake and lost again. It’s now 14 straight and at this point, Suede has no opponent for the biggest show in FSW’s history. It could be easy to pile on Thompson, but he hasn’t had an easy road. His list of defeats include Shogun Jones, Matt Vandagriff, Eli Everfly, Andy Brown, and his best friend FSW Heavyweight Champion Chris Bey. Suede also is an entrepreneur, and he’s been an FSW Show producer, so he's clearly had potential distractions. 
Fun Fact: Not sure a show has run on time since he produced one a few months ago. Keep your head up Suede.
Speaking of no opponent for FSW 10 Shogun Jones arrived during the opening match and cleared the ring. He finished with nearly throwing Shade through it but he escaped after Greg Romero tried to attack Jones from behind. Cash in the Case Match for Shogun...maybe? If I was Champ I’d hate to see him win it.

FSW Heavyweight Champion Chris Bey looked sharp and fought off an inspired performance by the rapidly improving Shaggy McLovin. The Skatepark Scumbag has been more aggressive which showcases his toughness. Neither man was there to smile and carry on with the fans as we’ve noted in the FSW Champ’s behavior since the Killer Kross announcement and it was no different last night. Bey got the victory and I swear the “Ultimate Finesser” has at least five moves he can end a match with. You literally never know when he will finish the fight. The question now, Is Kross ready for Bey?
Douglas James got a tough win over Hyperstreak ending his run of victories. I spoke to James shortly after the match and said he feels great and is ready for TJ Perkins on the 23rd.

Bonus Boyz Win Match - Get Cut at Beers and BodySlams 7

The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown) got a much-needed win last night at Downtown Neonopolis getting the victory in a Four-Way Tag Match last night at Future Stars of Wrestling's (FSW) Beers & Bodyslams. It was a wild match featuring Fresco-Dinero (Fresco-Matic & Mondo Dinero), Vincent Impact Pride & Lazarus, and of course Exceptional & Tenacious. Ricky
Tenacious was in rare form calling out the Bonus Boyz from the outset even insanely slapping Clutch across the face. Oooookaaaaayyy…Seriously, who slaps Clutch across the face? As usual none of their shenanigans resulted in a victory and Clutch pinned Fresco for the W with the beautiful slam he executes with such ferocity and power.
 Quick note: There was a point when the only teams in the ring were the Boyz and Fresco-Dinero. That would be a quality match and a nice gauge to see where Fresco-Dinero really falls in the FSW Tag Team Division.
Unfortunately, there was someone who interrupted the well-deserved celebration. It was a hard fought win for the Boyz when things got out of hand. Two-Time FSW No Limits Champion, and Tag Champ Cut Throat Cody of The Following (w/ Bryce Harrison, Jakob Austin Young) ignited their scheduled match at FSW 10 in June by delivering a cutter to Sugar Brown of Hater Nation (w/Leon Hater, Legacy, Kenny King) after the win. He snuck through the crowd and caught Sugar mid-celebration with the move. After escaping the ring Cody yelled at Clutch from a safe distance that he would see his Tag Team partner on the 23rd when the Following take on Hater Nation to determine the greatest Faction in FSW History. The assailant ran through the growing throng of people around the ring and into the Fremont Street masses one of the cameramen at ringside yelled, “CTC!”
The Following vs Hater Nation was announced June 1st when Harrison initially interrupted Leon Hater after FSW Boss Joe DeFalco announced he would be inducted into the FSW Las Vegas Wrestling Hall of Fame June 22nd at the FSW Arena. Jakob Austin Young returned to FSW competing in April’s Limitless Tournament and the Las Vegas fans gave him a cheerful reception, but Harrison’s return was a bit cooler primarily because of who and what he interrupted. Even though the encounter ended without fisticuffs that night Cut Throat Cody sent a clear message what attitude The Following are taking into this contest and just how important it is to them.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Four-Way Tag Match & Douglas James vs Hyperstreak Thursday Night...

Photo: @baronovech
Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) announced a Four-Way Tag Team Match tomorrow night at Downtown Neonopolis for Beers and Bodyslams. BELL TIME 8PM. The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown) look to get back in the win column after losing to the Soul Burners (Ryan Taylor & Tomaste) June 1  st. They go in as the favorites but in a scramble like this we know anything can happen. This match sets up for RMB since they prefer high paced contests with plenty of space to operate. The loss to the Soul Burners and a possible shot at the Titles stings but a win Thursday would go a long way toward healing their ales.   Exceptional and Tenacious would like nothing more than to kick the former FSW Tag Team Champs when they’re down and steal a high profile win. They recently challenged current FSW Tag Champs One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) and only succeeded in turning them babyface. They’ve been Champions elsewhere in Las Vegas but haven’t seen anywhere close to that same success in FSW.
Speaking of success elsewhere Fresco-Dinero (Fresco-Matic & Mondo Dinero) made their FSW debut as a team last month and have a prime opportunity to jump into the tag team mix. They work well together and are no strangers to winning in Las Vegas. A win could put them a win or two away from a Title shot in a Division that has been thin this year after the Tag Champions and Bonus Boyz. VIP and Lazaro are the fourth and final team in this one and it would be a pretty big upset if they get their hand-raised. They are talented young guys but are sharing the ring against three teams that have significantly more experience and success together.
Relentless” Douglas James is booked against Hyperstreak again on Thursday after June 1st’s travel fiasco and will be just ten days away from TJ Perkins at FSW 10 on June 23rd. Hyperstreak beat Adrian Quest in the matchup of the guys who made it here. Hyper got the win so will he make it three straight against the Limitless Tournament Winner? After his win in Portland, it’s clear DJ is in the zone he was in towards the latter half of 2018. He will be tough to beat.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FSW Confirms Two Matches for Beers and Bodyslams...

Photo: @abcophawk99

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) confirmed two matches for Thursday Night’s Beers and Bodyslams at Downtown Neonopolis. BELL TIME 8PM. One is a second attempt at a Cash in the Case Qualifier and the other has the Warlord of Weird defending his OVW Anarchy Title.
This is 1 of 2 Cash in the Case (CITC) qualifying matches at Neonopolis Thursday Night. The last time we previewed a Matt Vandagriff CITC Qualifier he had travel problems that cost him a match and we were treated to a dandy affair between Hyperstreak and Adrian Quest instead. This time the “Flip Artist” has a totally different type of opponent. Kyle Hawk has a nasty disposition and it transitions well to the wrestling ring. He prefers to grind his opponents by bending and stretching limbs or just stomping the crap out of them. Kyle has had success in Las Vegas teaming with the fantastic Desi DeRata (Arrow Club) and this is his chance to get a big singles win against Vandagriff.
Hawk is a quality grappler with a smothering style. He likes to press the pace and gains energy from antagonizing his opponent and the fans verbally throughout the contest. Nobody is off limits. Unfortunately, it’s translated to only moderate success in singles, and he did not compete in the Limitless Tournament in April or the No Limits Scramble in January at No Escape. He’s capable of beating anyone in the No Limits Division if he is able to control the ring. Hawk is smart and rarely takes unnecessary risks. He won’t beat himself, and doesn’t have the aerial game to get caught going move for move with the “Flip Artist.” Vandagriff is the favorite but Hawk is a different style than what he’s had recently in FSW and that could provide the ingredients for an upset.
Will Kyle Hawk be able to get it done?

Sinn Bodhi has had a pretty incredible year that’s included a guest coaching gig with the WWE Performance Center and more recently he appeared at All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) Double or Nothing. Now the  Warlord of Weird will defend his OVW Anarchy Championship in a Four Way Scramble against Ice Williams, Remy Marcel, and ??? There’s the caveat. Who’s the fourth person going to be Thursday Night? Several names come to mind who could easily fit the bill. Shaggy McLovin and Ice has had a solid rivalry over the past few months and he may want to jump in this one. Funny Bone certainly wants revenge for MECCA IV and Suede Thompson just wants a win. We can only surmise who FSW has up their sleeve.

Who do you think is going to be the fourth person?  

Monday, June 10, 2019

AWF Champion WATSON looks to Rebound in Scottsdale...

The Arizona Wrestling Federation (AWF) makes its debut in Scottsdale on Saturday, June 15th at Odysea in the Desert. BELL TIME 6PM. It’s a busy June for the AWF as this is the second of three cards this month which closes out June 29th with AWF All-American Grand Slam. This is part of the build to their big debut next month in Tucson with Desert Destruction 2019 on Friday, July 19th.  
Photo: AWF
AWF Heavyweight Champion WATSON enters this match coming off losing the AWF Arizona State Title at the Wildcard Rumble. Now he has an opportunity to redeem himself, but the bad news is he’ll have to do it against “The Business.” WATSON won the AWF Title from “Hellhound” Gabriel Gallo on April 27th and that was the biggest match of his career. It might be safe to say this one is bigger. One is that he’s facing the Major League Wrestling (MLW) National Openweight Champion and coming off a shocking loss.
You learn more about yourself after losing. How will WATSON respond to this huge challenge? What is his frame of mind with the loss still fresh? Is he feeling the pressure of possibly losing both Titles two weeks apart? This match seemed to be spoken into existence. When I interviewed WATSON for LWOS I asked about Hammerstone and he said he would love to. Well from our fingers to the AWF’s ears. Now we’re going to find out what the young Champion is made of. There isn’t a tougher match in the Wild West than Hammerstone and don’t forget he’s NEVER been AWF Heavyweight Champion. Let that sink in. This belt matters to Hammerstone and now that he’s got the taste of Gold again the Champion better be ready.
WATSON’s best game plan is movement. He can’t let Hammerstone control the center of the ring and get his hands on him, and use his athleticism delivering strikes from distance. The Champion is one of the hottest prospects in Arizona and was likely sitting on top until June 1st. There isn’t much doubt that WATSON got caught slipping and having the Rumble wedged in between Gallo and Hammerstone isn’t easy and there’s many who could have had the same fate.
What happens June 15th? Will WATSON be able to overcome and retain the AWF Title or will it be “The Business” as usual for your boy Hammer?

Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Latest Rajah Roundup, Dong Style and Killer Kross

I was in Kansas City the last couple of days and ready to get back after it. Serious note the BBQ is the real deal. The brisket cuts with a fork. Amazing.
Photo: @RajahLive
Anyway, here’s the latest and greatest around Las Vegas. Rajah Live announced two matches for their second event Team Warfare June 29th at the FSW Arena. Las Vegan Damian Drake will take on Royce Isaacs in a match I was about to start lobbying for. Thanks Rajah! This is one of those “Styles make fights” as Drake prefers to keep distance and attack with short quick strikes while Isaacs prefers to dominate the center of the ring and enforce his will on opponents It's the classic Speed vs Power. Vegas Indie fans haven’t seen Isaacs in singles action too often in the past year and this is a treat. Royce is one of the most innovative wrestlers in the game and displays advanced offense with a variety of different moves. There isn’t a suplex or slam he can’t execute and his strikes continue to improve especially his short Super Man Punch which is a personal favorite. Match of the Night Contender.
I stand by the statement that “Uptown” Andy Brown never has a bad match. That’s great for team SoCal as the Hollywood Heritage and Ground Zero Champion meets Jorel Nelson of Team Jameson. Brown is one of the most intelligent grapplers on the scene. He’s able to compete in any style of fight and is masterful at creating space to execute offense. Add in tremendous toughness and you see why
he’s on the squad. Nelson is also quite talented but has been focused on his super successful run with Future Stars of Wrestling Tag Team Champions One Percent. However, make no mistake about it; Nelson is very capable in singles action. He is similar in style to Brown, methodical and smart with the ability to turn the pace up when necessary with a steady aerial attack.
 Arguably the “Most hated Wrestler in Las Vegas” Disco Inferno is scheduled to appear at Beers and Bodyslams along with the debuting "King of Dong Stye" Joey Ryan on June 13th at Downtown Neonopolis. Ryan announced that he is bringing “Dong Style” to Las Vegas and is joining Disco in the Lava Lounge and “party all night long.” There will also be two Cash in the Case Qualifiers that night which we announced last week. The matches still to be determined.
Still getting details on Killer Kross’ Natural Born Killers Event scheduled for July 5th. Joe DeFalco announced it on Facebook, but no fights have been made official. This could be really cool.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Who are the Top Heels in Las Vegas?

I was listening to Disco Inferno on You Tube and he said (About being a heel) that the environment today is “easy to heel in because everyone wants to be a Babyface….everyone wants to be loved.” You may not always agree with Disco but he makes a valid point. Even wrestlers that are supposed to be heels wind up as a face. What makes a good heel? There are multiple opinions on what makes a good heel or whether or not they even have them anymore.
Photo: Big Valley Wrestling
A heel should rarely or never get cheered. Nothing in his ring game or promo work should elicit a positive response from the crowd. The heel is supposed to punish the babyface and the last thing we should be doing is cheering them while they do it. It’s hard to boo someone when your screaming, “Holy S**t.” We should be angry at the heel and definitely not supporting them. However, these days there are very few real heels. MJF, Kevin Owens, The Miz (I know), and David Starr are “bad guys” that push the envelope and draw good heat. One of my colleagues in Ireland said about David Starr, “He breathes, we boo him.” Thanks, David.
Who are the top heels in Las Vegas today? Here’s my list of Top Heels in Southern Nevada:
Exceptional & Tenacious (Alexander Braven & Ricky Triforce Tenacious) are at the top of this list. They turned One Percent face in just one match or the FSW Tag Team Champions may have been on this list. “Exceptional” Alexander  Braven is the perfect partner for someone who tends to dominate the spotlight. Braven really believes he’s “Exceptional” but he’s the hapless guy most times and manages to draw his own level of angst from the crowd whether it’s Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) or Big Valley Wrestling (BVW) where they were Tag Team Champions for nearly a year. While Vegas fans may dislike “Exceptional” Alexander Braven they “freakin” loathe Ricky Triforce Tenacious. When Tenacious walks down the ramp in his fantastic black “Elvis” gear and clears his throat you can feel the agony in the crowd. What is it? A song? A poem? It doesn’t matter because rain down on the pair and they fan the flames the entire time. Triforce is improving in the ring and has high-quality promo skills. He keeps getting better. 
Nick Bugatti and Mazzerati are a close second. They are a very talented pair who generate strong responses from the crowd without saying anything. Their punishing wrestling style is what draws the ire of the Vegas fans by harassing their opponents and the fans with verbal assaults. Bugatti’s feud with Damian Drake and Greg Romero has been one of the two best FSW Feuds in 2019 (Sefa vs Hammer). Mazzerati is unpleasant and makes her feelings known immediately. She makes an L with her thumb and forefinger and after she made a little girl cry she started laughing at her. A real peach.
Kevin Ducqets – The former BVW Las Vegas Champion doesn’t really like anybody and doesn’t care if you like him. He probably prefers you don’t. He feuds with one of the most popular wrestlers in Las Vegas, Leon Hater doesn’t help. He made Hater’s life miserable in Big Valley before dropping the belt in April. His promos are some of the best in BVW and he’s their Top Heel (Not named Exceptional & Tenacious).
MK – The most hated manager in Las Vegas. He manages the new babyface FSW Tag Champions One Percent and he still gets booed. MK is tough and takes heavy bumps all the time. The dive he “absorbed” from Luster the Legend was incredible. If it’s not his sunglasses or his four-finger HEEL ring the fans can’t stand the sight of him. That’s before he starts talking and they just boo him more.
Kyle Hawk’s catchphrase “Suck my tomahawk” has brought him boos from wrestling fans all over Las Vegas. He refers to fans as “Pale Face” and stirs the political stew making references to the mistreatment of Native Americans. I spoke to him at the merch table and he was just as unfriendly there. When I told him he was good he said, “Ya I know.” Kyle Hawk is one of my favorites and a wonderful ray of sunshine.
I sung Shogun Jones' praises yesterday and believe he is a future star. And of course Hammerstone. You didn’t honestly think this FanBoy forgot about “The Business” did you? Your boy Hammer is already one of the best in the game and truly gets his responsibility in that capacity. He’s on another level.

Who do you think are the Top Heels in Las Vegas right now?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Shogun Jones Returns; Cash in the Case Qualifiers June 13th...

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) confirmed that the final two Cash in The Case (CITC) qualifying matches will be held Thursday night June 13th at Beers and Bodyslams, but did not confirm the 
Photo: @baronovech
principles. One qualifier was originally scheduled last Saturday but a travel “glitch” caused it to be changed. The winner of the CITC match gets a shot at any FSW Championship. These final two qualifiers will be added to the list which includes Ice WilliamsRemy MarcelClutch ( of Bonus Boyz), and GravesShogun Jones also makes his FSW return a little more than a month after assaulting an official May 11th. Jones has made a habit of antagonizing the officials in recent matches by height shaming them when they raise his hand in victory. His actions were unwarranted and continued a pattern of behavior that is making him one of the biggest heels in Las Vegas. After a win at the Arena earlier this year over Suede Thompson, Shogun destroyed a Fan’s homemade Championship belt and has been saltier than usual since his loss to Chris Bey at No Escape. He’s had few real challenges and is certainly in line for more competition.  Who’s next for Shogun?

Here are three names I’d love to see:

Ice Williams is talented and I’d love to see how well he competes against the 6’4 powerhouse. Williams has several quality wins and qualified for the No Limits Scramble at No Escape although slipped up  against Funny Bone in round One of the Limitless Tournament. A top prospect in his own right with his speed and agility Ice would be a gauge on how well Shogun has sewn up the holes that FSW Heavyweight Champion Chris Bey exposed at No Escape.
Former Nevada State Champion Graves vs anyone is an interesting match, but against Shogun would be particularly special. It would take an extraordinary effort from Shogun to topple a man like Graves who can deliver powerful strikes and slams but be more adept on the ground. If Graves got Shogun off his feet he is strong enough to keep him down and lock in a submission. However, Shogun is very quick and delivers brain-rattling boot strikes which he’s proven can connect from anywhere; see 2018 Against All Odds Rumble. Where Jones finished Fourth behind my dream opponent…
Nevada State Champion Sefa Fatu would have to be down the road since he has his hands full with Hammerstone in a Last Man Standing Match at FSW 10th Anniversary June 23rd. Shogun could easily call dibs on the winner and either would be great.  A match like this would elevate Shogun if he were to win the Nevada State Title. This would be a war similar in nature to what "The Problem has experienced with "The Business." Shogun welcomes contact and so does Fatu which sets up for something special. We shall see.