Sunday, June 2, 2019

Chris Bey Retains FSW Heavyweight Title and is ready for June 23rd...

Professional Wrestling Action returned to the FSW Arena Saturday night and began with the “King of the Dark Match” Adriel Noctis screaming in my face. I’m disappointed I didn’t scream back, but I’ll move on.
Future Stars of Wrestling Heavyweight Champion the “Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey retained the Title in a tougher than expected match with Brandon Gatson. It would be easy to understand if Bey was looking ahead to Killer Kross as he’s made it clear this is the biggest match of his career. After the victory last night he said he wants the words “Las Vegas Legend” next to his name and he knows to beat The Tollman its required. Physically we knew Bey would be ready. He’s added muscle and strength in preparation for this contest and it shows. It also appears he’s ready mentally but the big question…will it be enough?

Fun Fact #1: Mondo Rox(x) is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY over and he loves every second of it.
Fun Fact #2: Remy Marcel is equally Great as the groovy beatnik or the NY Legend.  

FSW Owner Joe DeFalco got the night started with the introduction of Leon Hater, and the announcement that the Hater Nation would be inducted into the FSW Las Vegas Wrestling Hall of Fame. This led Bryce Harrison of The Following to come out and make a Faction vs Faction challenge at FSW 10th Anniversary June 23rd. Needless to say, it was accepted. It was announced earlier this year the late FSW Super-Fan Eileen Bruno would be inducted at a ceremony June 22nd. When DeFalco mentioned her last night the crowd erupted into chants of Eileen! Eileen! Good stuff.
Hero Lu beat Fresco-Matic who is still looking to find his way in FSW. Lu is a talented youngster who already has a large throng of fans looked great again and finished Fresco with a beautiful spear. The Hero of Samoa returned earlier this year from a knee injury that sidelined him after just a couple fights. He looks more comfortable each and every match and hasn’t shied away from the competition. Since his return, he’s taken on Shogun Jones ANDNEW MLW National Openweight Champion Hammerstone. Yep, your boy Hammer won last night. Congratulations Beefcastle!

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