Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FSW Confirms Two Matches for Beers and Bodyslams...

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Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) confirmed two matches for Thursday Night’s Beers and Bodyslams at Downtown Neonopolis. BELL TIME 8PM. One is a second attempt at a Cash in the Case Qualifier and the other has the Warlord of Weird defending his OVW Anarchy Title.
This is 1 of 2 Cash in the Case (CITC) qualifying matches at Neonopolis Thursday Night. The last time we previewed a Matt Vandagriff CITC Qualifier he had travel problems that cost him a match and we were treated to a dandy affair between Hyperstreak and Adrian Quest instead. This time the “Flip Artist” has a totally different type of opponent. Kyle Hawk has a nasty disposition and it transitions well to the wrestling ring. He prefers to grind his opponents by bending and stretching limbs or just stomping the crap out of them. Kyle has had success in Las Vegas teaming with the fantastic Desi DeRata (Arrow Club) and this is his chance to get a big singles win against Vandagriff.
Hawk is a quality grappler with a smothering style. He likes to press the pace and gains energy from antagonizing his opponent and the fans verbally throughout the contest. Nobody is off limits. Unfortunately, it’s translated to only moderate success in singles, and he did not compete in the Limitless Tournament in April or the No Limits Scramble in January at No Escape. He’s capable of beating anyone in the No Limits Division if he is able to control the ring. Hawk is smart and rarely takes unnecessary risks. He won’t beat himself, and doesn’t have the aerial game to get caught going move for move with the “Flip Artist.” Vandagriff is the favorite but Hawk is a different style than what he’s had recently in FSW and that could provide the ingredients for an upset.
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Will Kyle Hawk be able to get it done?

Sinn Bodhi has had a pretty incredible year that’s included a guest coaching gig with the WWE Performance Center and more recently he appeared at All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) Double or Nothing. Now the  Warlord of Weird will defend his OVW Anarchy Championship in a Four Way Scramble against Ice Williams, Remy Marcel, and ??? There’s the caveat. Who’s the fourth person going to be Thursday Night? Several names come to mind who could easily fit the bill. Shaggy McLovin and Ice has had a solid rivalry over the past few months and he may want to jump in this one. Funny Bone certainly wants revenge for MECCA IV and Suede Thompson just wants a win. We can only surmise who FSW has up their sleeve.

Who do you think is going to be the fourth person?  

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