Sunday, June 2, 2019

FSW No Limits and Tag Title Matches Set...

Photo: @baronovech

The Future Stars of Wrestling No Limits Division has been a weaving and winding tale of Champion Damian Drake, and challengers Greg Romero and Nick Bugatti. It was clear after the past several months with these guys there was only one solution and that was to book them together. So after Greg Romero’s ramblings in the bleachers behind me about his past history with the FSW Owner Joe DeFalco the boss announced the No Limits Title will be a Triple Threat at the FSW Tenth Anniversary June 23rd. It’s a dangerous match for Drake who has been sensational as Champion taking down the likes of Owen Travers, Jake Atlas, and Matt Vandagriff. Scrambles are the hallmark of the No Limits division and it’s the only way to celebrate that on the big stage. The Champion has been going full speed the last several weeks but now he needs to settle in and get ready to keep a Belt that means so much to him.
In other No Limits action, some matches had to be adjusted due to travel issues and we ended up with Hyperstreak vs Adrian Quest and thank you for the match we didn’t know we wanted. It was a high energy thriller for two guys who literally had no time to prepare. Hyper hit a suicide dive with so much force the “Holy Shit!” chants began and they were warranted. After a physical grind, Hyperstreak got another win and continues to move up the No Limits Ladder. Potential match-ups with Ice Williams, Shaggy McLovin, or Matt Vandagriff are very enticing and would put him on the cusp of a Title shot.
The Soul Burners (Tomaste & Ryan Taylor) were impressive in their win over former FSW Tag Team Champions the Bonus
Photo: @baronovech
Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown)and now will challenge One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) at FSW 10. Tomaste and Ryan Taylor cut the ring off and wore down RMB working on knees and arms never giving them space to work. A short burst mid-match had Boyz fanz on their feet, but ultimately it was the Burners who got the W.
FSW Tag Team Champions One Percent had their hands full with Pump Patrol as Curt Matthews and Jared Wayne gave them all they could handle. It was back and forth with even a couple heart-stopping moments when it appeared the Title may change hands, but it was not to be. The Champions gained control late in the contest as a Royce Isaacs suplex and Jorel Nelson Springboard cutter ended it. Ball Game. However, that’s when things got interesting because as the Champs celebrated the Soul Burners returned again with drums and took out Nelson and Isaacs. The expected challenge was made and the fight is set. One Percent vs The Soul Burners for FSW Gold, and if Tomaste and Taylor look as good June 23rd as they did last night it’s gonna be a tough one for everybody’s favorite Tag Team.

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