Wednesday, June 26, 2019

FSW & Super Heel Announce Austin Aries, Frank Mir, and Tom Lawlor

Three more HUGE names have been announced for Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) and Super
Photo: FSW
Heel Promotions
inaugural event Natural Born Killers (NBK) July 5th at the FSW Arena. We saw the return of Austin Aries Sunday night with Frank Mir and announced he is his client and both will be competing at NBK.
Austin Aries “just wins Championships.” Personalities aside “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” is a 2X Ring of Honor (ROH) World and 3X IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion. He is arguably the best X-Division star in history where he is a 6X Champion. Aries can do anything in or out of the ring. He has superior grappling skills and rarely does he not hold that advantage in a match. Despite his tremendous in-ring work, his ability to play the mental game with opponents and fans is legendary. In many cases, he has an opponent beat before the bell rings as Aries takes residence inside their head. One of the top heels in the business. Period.
Frank Mir is one of my favorite fighters. I didn’t appreciate how good he was until I listened to him call the fights for World Extreme Cagefighting back in Urijah Faber’s heyday.  He helped me understand the nuances of fighting with his expert analysis. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion beat Tim Sylvia by breaking his arm at UFC 48 to win the Title. Unfortunately, Mir was injured when a car knocked him off his motorcycle. He was subsequently stripped of the belt, but when he returned Mir climbed right back into the Title picture when he survived the Brock Lesnar assault and caught him in a kneebar to get the submission win. Now a jiu-jitsu Black Belt Mir was the Coach of his Team on The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 before his bout with Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira who was the other Coach of his own team. For the first time in his career, Nogueira was knocked out by Frank in the Second Round. Mir and Aries interrupted Killer Kross to announce their arrival and look to prove who the baddest man is in the building that night. 
"Filthy" Tom Lawlor was on Mir’s Ultimate Fighter Season 8 team, and this is the first time we’ve seen Lawlor in the FSW Arena since May and he has a stranglehold on the MLW Title. Lawlor loves to fight whether it’s in MMA, Cage Match, Death Match, or in a Bar Room. While he has plenty of technical ability Lawlor seems much more comfortable in scrap and makes every effort to turn his matches into brawls. It makes no difference who his opponent is because his style plays anywhere with anyone. Really fun guy to watch.
Killer Kross, Stephan Bonnar, Gotch, Scarlett Bordeaux, Dave and Gina Mazany and "Relentless" Douglas James have already been announced for the card that merges Professional Wrestling and Mixed-Martial Arts on the debut event.

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