Thursday, June 20, 2019

#FSW10Week - Cash in the Case Match Preview...

Graves vs Sefa @ No Escape

We saw the return of Cut Throat Cody at Beers and Bodyslams who won Cash in the Case in 2013 (as Crash Test Cody), and won it last year, so who ya got? The Future Stars of Wrestling 10th Anniversary is this Sunday night at Sam's Town Live. BELL TIME 5PM. The winner gets a shot at any FSW Title. Here are the qualifiers for this year's match.
Clutch Kucera – Beat VIP on May 11th to qualify for the CITC and is more than capable of getting the victory. Had his partner Sugar Brown qualified the Bonus Boyz could have worked together but it was not to be. Clutch maintained control throughout the match to earn his spot as VIP is still looking for a quality win in FSW.
Remy Marcel – With a little help from his Manager Sal E. Marcel got the win over Mondo Rox. The youngster from Albuquerque attempted a sunset flip but Marcel grabbed the ropes and his Manager helped him and Senior Official Austin Grimes was in a poor position and didn’t see it. Marcel controlled a large portion of the contest and his FSW Resume certainly indicates he’s a major threat in the CITC match. Marcel won the No Limits and FSW Championship in a ladder match so he is more than familiar with this stipulation.
Ice Williams – Beat Bonus Boy Sugar Brown in a fun back and forth affair. It looked like Sugar was going to finish the fight and Ice was out on his feet. A quick check from the official and the match continued, but Ice baited his opponent and reversed Brown’s attempted at a Buckle Bomb and got the pin. Ice said, “got him,” and began laughing afterward since he certainly didn’t look the worse for wear. Williams participated in the No Limits Cage Scramble and the Limitless Tournament but he was not successful. A win would guarantee him a Title shot some say he deserves since he’s beaten Shaggy who just wrestled No Limits Champion Damian Drake (Non-Title) and FSW Heavyweight Champ Chris Bey while Williams has to scratch and claw to get into the CITC match. This is a big moment.
Graves – In what is easily described as a controversial win, the former Nevada State Champion “beat” Shogun Jones to qualify. Jones' foot was clearly on the rope, but the assigned official counted anyway. WAR! WAR! WAR! Graves is certainly one of the favorites if not the favorite and he hasn’t lost in FSW since dropping the Nevada Gold to Sefa Fatu at No Escape January 25th. These ladder matches with multiple opponents don’t always favor the best wrestler or strongest, guy, they tend to favor the best strategy. We’ll see if Graves can put together the appropriate Battle Plan for this one.
Matt Vandagriff – The “Flip Artist” beat Kyle Hawk in a very good match on June 13th at Beers and Bodyslams and is looking for a high profile FSW win. Like Williams was in the No Limits Scramble and Limitless but came up empty. It was a very physical match and Vanda drew the respect of Kyle Hawk who gave him a very sportsmanlike hug which is very unusual for him. One of his heroes Jeff Hardy is the Master of the Ladder match so we’ll see if Vandagriff can repeat the WWE legends success and get the victory at FSW10.
The FSW was mum about who the sixth person would be when I reached out to them so who knows what could be in store. With surprises possible who knows who could walk down the ramp at Sam’s Town Live. Or it’ll just get announced after I post this.

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