Friday, June 21, 2019

Is One Percent already the Best Team in FSW History?

One Percent at MECCA IV
Regardless if One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) loses the Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Tag Team Titles Sunday night at FSW 10th Anniversary they are one of the greatest teams in FSW history. The Champs won the Gold for the second time on December 1st at the FSW Arena against the Bag Boyz (Chris Bey & Suede Thompson) ending a feud in Las Vegas that began last summer. Since that night Isaacs and Nelson have been dominant. They beat the Bonus Boyz (Clutch Kucera & Sugar Brown) in the cage at No Escape, The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier) and 4X FSW Tag Champions Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) at MECCA IV and it was then you started hearing the whispers whether the current Champs are indeed the best team in the company's history. If you have a discussion about the best teams in FSW’s ten-year history Reno Scum, Suburban Commandos (D-Unit & T-Rent), Bonus Boyz, and Whirlwind Gentleman (Jack Manley & Remy Marcel) would all be mentioned and rightly so. The Suburban Commandos had two Title reigns longer than One Percent’s current 204-day mark (as of FSW10). Reno Scum are 4X Champions and have the longest reign in history but have lost to Isaacs and Nelson multiple times since last year as did the Boyz and Gentlemen.
The Champs wrestled squash matches since MECCA IV but had a tough Title defense June 1st against Pump Patrol (Curt Matthews & Jared  Wayne). Some pundits thought the Champions should’ve had an easier time with the team making their FSW debut and maybe lost the edge they had earlier this year. I enjoyed the match and thought One Percent needed one like that, but after the win, the Soul Burners (Tomaste & Ryan Taylor) attacked the Champs leaving them in the ring and issued a challenge. The fight was signed and here we are.
However, the Soul Burners’ continue to poke the bear. Tomaste called out Isaacs and Nelson on
Soul Burners layout One Percent June 1st
Social Media saying they will be taking the FSW Titles back to California. He certainly has a right to be confident. The challengers dominated the Bonus Boyz earlier that evening and didn’t care about the Champs “legacy” when they cracked 'em over the head with a drum. Taylor and Tomaste beat RMB with a methodical, grinding attack plan and if they can duplicate that Sunday we could have a Title change.
Yet this may be just what One Percent need. Maybe the Pump Patrol match was tougher than it should have been but attacking them hasn’t been the card to play previously. The Bonus Boyz also attacked the Champs at the Arena before a Sam’s Town Live show but Nelson and a bloody Isaacs retained in the cage at No Escape. Every time One Percent has needed to rise to the occasion they’ve done it and we should expect no different, but they could be in for a big challenge Sunday. A win will go a long way towards cementing their legacy.

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