Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Rajah Roundup - Bey Chooses Drake; Will Face B-Boy

When I made the bold prediction that "The Ultimate Finesser" Chris Bey would choose Suede Thompson as his next partner Rajah’s Team Warfare June 29th I felt pretty good about it. However, when a certain wrestler's Dad questioned my prediction on Facebook I should’ve seen the writing on the wall. Damian Drake was
Photo: @dashingchrisbey
Bey’s next pick and certainly a great one. He has been on fire since winning the No Limits Gold in January and has only lost once at the FSW Arena this year (DJ – Limitless Final). The Champion has certainly found his groove and has recently stepped up his wardrobe rocking a sport coat and tie at the Arena. They form a formidable duo to go with Joe DeFalco who will likely be heavily involved in their strategy.
The first matches announced will feature the team Captains. Jack Jameson will face one of the Top women in the Wild West Heather Monroe who has been sensational this year and just continues to improve. This match may be more of the comedic variety while the other one announced will be far from it.
If you’ve seen SoCal legend B-Boy enter the ring you know he’s never in a laughing mood and brings the intensity with him. “The New Age Punisher” likes snug, physical matches with heavy strikes and works methodically taking his opponent apart. You have to catch Bey to do that. He’s the fastest guy in the game and the speed takes his opponents by surprise. This one should be really good, but don’t we always say that about Chris Bey matches? When was the last time you saw a Chris Bey singles match that wasn’t really good? I’ll wait.
Each team will have three members and score points to determine the overall winner. Each team will consist of three wrestlers, all of whom will compete in singles matches - each with a 20-minute time limit.  A win is worth TWO points, a draw worth ONE and a loss is worth ZERO points (from Rajah Facebook). The winning team will be Matchmakers for event 3.

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