Saturday, June 1, 2019

Sefa Fatu makes Arizona Wrestling Federation Debut Tonight...

Photo: @baronovech

FSW Nevada State Champion Sefa Fatu makes his Arizona Wrestling Federation (AWF) debut
tonight in the Wildcard Rumble in Peoria. When I asked Sefa at Starrcast last weekend about his debut in the Grand Canyon State he put it simply, “You know I’m gonna go down there and win that thing…” It’s hard to imagine he isn’t the favorite as “The Problem” has victories in Las Vegas over the previous AWF Champion Gabriel Gallo and the current AWF Champ-Champ WATSON.
Gallo has assisted Hammerstone against the young Champion but has eaten pins from Sefa on two occasions. Once in singles action and the other in Tag when Fatu teamed with Graves. WAR! WAR! WAR! Fatu has experience in this style of match as he nearly won last year’s Against All Odds Rumble when he was eliminated by Chris Bey and Suede Thompson at Sam’s Town Live December 14th.
Fatu is certainly athletic enough and chomping at the bit to make a statement outside of Southern Nevada. The AWF has outstanding young talent and Fatu will fit right in. A future booking with WATSON on his home turf is very enticing, but so are contests with Navajo Warrior, Hawaiian Lion, Andy Palafox, Rocketboy Wilson, EJ Sparks, or Parada. Sefa is on the front of the Wildcard Rumble poster for a reason.
Let’s hope we see more from the Son of Rikishi outside Las Vegas. He can compete with anyone in SoCal and with a great focus in the Wild West on No Limits/Cruiserweight talent, Fatu would jump right to the top of any Heavyweight rankings. That’s down the road because win or lose in Arizona he has Hammerstone next in the biggest match of his career at FSW 10 June 23rd.

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