Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Shogun Jones Returns; Cash in the Case Qualifiers June 13th...

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) confirmed that the final two Cash in The Case (CITC) qualifying matches will be held Thursday night June 13th at Beers and Bodyslams, but did not confirm the 
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principles. One qualifier was originally scheduled last Saturday but a travel “glitch” caused it to be changed. The winner of the CITC match gets a shot at any FSW Championship. These final two qualifiers will be added to the list which includes Ice WilliamsRemy MarcelClutch ( of Bonus Boyz), and GravesShogun Jones also makes his FSW return a little more than a month after assaulting an official May 11th. Jones has made a habit of antagonizing the officials in recent matches by height shaming them when they raise his hand in victory. His actions were unwarranted and continued a pattern of behavior that is making him one of the biggest heels in Las Vegas. After a win at the Arena earlier this year over Suede Thompson, Shogun destroyed a Fan’s homemade Championship belt and has been saltier than usual since his loss to Chris Bey at No Escape. He’s had few real challenges and is certainly in line for more competition.  Who’s next for Shogun?

Here are three names I’d love to see:

Ice Williams is talented and I’d love to see how well he competes against the 6’4 powerhouse. Williams has several quality wins and qualified for the No Limits Scramble at No Escape although slipped up  against Funny Bone in round One of the Limitless Tournament. A top prospect in his own right with his speed and agility Ice would be a gauge on how well Shogun has sewn up the holes that FSW Heavyweight Champion Chris Bey exposed at No Escape.
Former Nevada State Champion Graves vs anyone is an interesting match, but against Shogun would be particularly special. It would take an extraordinary effort from Shogun to topple a man like Graves who can deliver powerful strikes and slams but be more adept on the ground. If Graves got Shogun off his feet he is strong enough to keep him down and lock in a submission. However, Shogun is very quick and delivers brain-rattling boot strikes which he’s proven can connect from anywhere; see 2018 Against All Odds Rumble. Where Jones finished Fourth behind my dream opponent…
Nevada State Champion Sefa Fatu would have to be down the road since he has his hands full with Hammerstone in a Last Man Standing Match at FSW 10th Anniversary June 23rd. Shogun could easily call dibs on the winner and either would be great.  A match like this would elevate Shogun if he were to win the Nevada State Title. This would be a war similar in nature to what "The Problem has experienced with "The Business." Shogun welcomes contact and so does Fatu which sets up for something special. We shall see.

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