Tuesday, July 16, 2019

All Eyes on Hammerstone Saturday Night at FSW Arena?

Saturday night July 20th all eyes will be on Hammerstone and that’s right where he wants them. The new Nevada State and Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Tag Team Champion will address the Arena crowd for the first time since the stunning turn of events at FSW10 June 23rd. However, he’s not the only one the FSW Fans want to hear from. Why did Graves turn on former Nevada State Champion Sefa Fatu? We certainly understand why he would want to win tag gold but why would he reunite with Your Boy Hammer who double-crossed him just a couple years ago.  
Let’s take a quick trip back in time to the end of Gods of War. On March 31st, 2017 at Collision Course in the Silverton Hotel Hammerstone Cashed in the Case for a Heavyweight Title shot against Eli Drake. After winning his first FSW Title, Kevin Kross congratulated him in the ring and shared a hug with his Gods of War Tag partner Graves. Then in the midst of the feels and the cheers he made this fateful statement: “It’s just a shame you’ve outlived your usefulness,” and gave Graves a jump kick right on the button. It was the first day of 602 as FSW Heavyweight Champion split into 2 long Title reigns and the official end of their partnership. Or so we thought...
The dissolution of their partnership didn’t stop Graves from FSW success. He was the first Nevada State Champion and held it until Sefa took the Blue Belt at No Escape January 25th. There was no evidence of friction and Fatu made a turn in a different direction as a babyface after the match. After 
Hammer and Sefa’s MECCA IV classic, Graves teamed with Fatu against Hammerstone and his new FSW confidant Hell Hound Gabriel Gallo. The victory went to WAR! and “The Problem” when Sefa hit the frog splash on Gallo.
Graves beat Shogun Jones to qualify for CITC and there was no doubt he was a major favorite to win the case. We even discussed his chances here prior to the Tenth Anniversary. My buddy and I had this conversation before driving to Sam’s Town Live for FSW10:
Me: If Graves wins CITC he could cash in on the Sefa-Hammer winner.
My buddy: Or Hammerstone could win and Graves could cash in with Hammer and turn heel.
Me: That’s not going to happen.
Later that night when Graves and Hammerstone stormed the ring to cash in on One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) and win the FSW Tag Titles:
My buddy looks at me: I told you they would do it.
Me: *Thinking- With the crowd screaming would anyone notice if I punched him in the face?
Now Graves and Hammerstone are reunited as Tag Team Champions and they could hold the straps for the foreseeable future. We fully expect One percent to return and get the rematch they have to be clamoring to the FSW Championship Committee for. In fact, they were nowhere to be seen by the merch tables after the final bell rang where Isaacs and the former JNeez are a staple. Sefa was there and just a few tables from his nemesis who gloated with the Blue Belt. We know Fatu wants a rematch, and hopefully has found some friends because he will need backup because one person you can’t sleep on in this equation is the Hell Hound Gabriel Gallo. He helped Hammerstone beat Fatu in the first place when he lifted him up at the count of 8 and has been by his side for the duration of Hammer & Sefa’s feud of the year. There were discussions and matches to determine the best faction in FSW history during the anniversary, but if these three monsters manage to stay together that conversation in the future may only include this group.

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