Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Bey vs Graves Intertwines Multiple FSW Titles Again...

Photo: @FSWVegas

The  Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Heavyweight Title Bout Friday Night is filled with intrigue and it’s a good damn matchup. FSW Heavyweight Champion Chris Bey teamed with Sefa Fatu last time out and faces the former Nevada State and current FSW Tag Champ Graves. WAR! WAR! WAR! Wait, can we still do that? Regardless that’s just what we could be in store for this weekend. “The Ultimate Finesser” defends the FSW Gold for the first time since his Legendary win at FSW10 over Killer Kross. Bey assisted “The Problem” and now he will go it alone, but that works out just fine for the “Living Las Vegas Legend.”
Graves is strong, powerful and with high-quality submissions creating a multitude of issues going into this contest. The least of
which is Hammerstone and Gallo who are in the building and will force our hero to have eyes in the back of his head. There is no reach advantage, but with Graves’s power and strong base, he looks to get his hands on opponents to make them suffer. Any limb or body part in his hands he tries to rip from the roots and inflict damage.
As usual, the speed advantage is Bey’s (always), but the Challenger has great feet, moves well, rarely gets flat-footed, and NEVER stops applying pressure. He will keep coming forward which plays to the Champs pinpoint counter-attack. Chris wants you right in front of him and cutting the ring off is fine because he can finesse his way through the ropes and corner with the best. Even though you know how fast he is opponents always look surprised when they see it in the ring. He’ll take one to deliver three and once the Champ is in rhythm it’s tough to regain control. The biggest danger could well be Graves cohorts, Hammer and Gallo. How will they fit into this and what about Sefa Fatu? We know he certainly has a score to settle?
Chris Bey has been FSW Heavyweight Champion for 230 days on Fight Night and it will take another special performance, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from the “Ultimate Finesser.”

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