Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Ice Williams is Confident going into No Limits Title Match...

Photo: FSW

On Saturday Night July 20th at the FSW Arena Ice Williams has his chance. Many have been clamoring for the rookie to get a one on one shot against “The New Age Daredevil Damian Drake and his Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) No Limits Championship. BELL TIME 7PMish. Williams has had opportunities that many in his position only dream of. He is one of only three to compete this year in the No Limits Scramble, Limitless Tournament, and Cash in the Case (Matt Vandagriff & "Chief" Owen Travers). Both these guys had one on one Title shots against Drake and since Travers is the former Champion there are various rematch clauses with him, but the “Flip Artist” has also had his chance at the Gold.
While it’s impressive to qualify for those bouts as a rookie Ice isn’t looking just to be in a Title Fight. He wants to win the big matches  and loves the spotlight which was obvious with his monumental ring entrance at FSW10. Williams made the challenge and as expected the fighting Champion Drake accepted. Be careful what you wish for right? Not necessarily.
The challenger comes into this contest with a lot of confidence and why shouldn’t he. Ice is a matchup nightmare with his size, speed, and well-crafted counter-attack. The rookie is acute at setting traps and baiting opponents into wrestling his match keeping opponents at range with disciplined aerial strikes. Williams knows when to jump and when not to. He doesn’t fall in love with his air attack to the point of overuse and disguises it well when necessary. Ice loves to keep his distance, strike using his range and surprising opponents with the speed. This isn't the first time he's called his shot. 
After the Limitless pairings were announced he boldly predicted a Final including himself and FSW Heavyweight Champion “Ultimate FinesserChris Bey…he was summarily bounced in Round 1 by Funny Bone. There is no one to look ahead to or look past this time as the Champion will be right in front of him. Damian Drake is also coming in with confidence after winning again at Sam’s Town Live. He’s won all three times at the Casino shows in 2019 and you could easily argue they were three of his best performances considering who he shared the ring with. The Challenger called out Drake on Social Media again last week saying he’s gotten under his skin. That could be the case and Ice likes to play the mental game, but here’s the problem. Greg Romero and Nick Bugatti got under his skin for months and Drake responded by vanquishing them with a decisive victory at FSW10.  
Some people don’t perform well when angry, but Drake does. He responds best when there is a perceived disadvantage. Although if he got caught looking ahead you could understand with potential big money Casino Fights with TJ Perkins or Douglas James (or both?) on the horizon. Yet if he doesn’t win Saturday there’s none of that and even those closest to the Champion has acknowledged how tough the Challenger will be for him speculating it’s his toughest defense yet. That’s bold considering he beat Vandagriff, Jake Atlas, and won the 3 Casino Shows, but we’ve unpacked why Ice is dangerous.  However, nobody believes in Ice Williams more than Ice Williams and he will be ready Saturday night. This should be the Main Event. Can’t Wait.

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