Saturday, July 27, 2019

UWN's Silver State Pro is Top Priority in Las Vegas...

United Wrestling Network (UWN) owner David Marquez has had a busy summer popularity of CW30 in Memphis, a PPV tease, and the announcement of  with the Silver State Pro Wrestling in late spring. UWN recently met with Television officials in Reno as part of their plan to broadcast statewide. Some of the major stations up North are KTVN, KRNV, KOLO-TV, KRXI Fox 11, and their sister KNSN TV which is an affiliated MyNetworkTV station. Why is that important?

KNSN could be the favorite to air the broadcasts in Reno for two reasons; One, CWFH is already broadcast on Friday night in Las Vegas on MyLVTV (Part of MyNetworkTV). Two, they're owned by Fox who is making a major commitment to Pro Wrestling in October with WWE’s SMACKDOWN LIVE may want to spread the wrestling love locally. David Marquez and the UWN are about coming to Nevada, and it looks to be their top priority. You certainly can’t argue the logic. Las Vegas has rapidly become one of the hottest markets in the United States made hotter by Double or Nothing in May with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).  More meetings are scheduled here in the next few weeks, and with the announced Summer timetable we may get more details soon.
Las Vegas Wrestling Scene has learned that the first few weeks of Silver State Pro may actually be shot in Southern California at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s current home the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA. That’s likely based on when they find a suitable location in Las Vegas, or maybe even Reno?
All this could be moot and the Silver State Pro broadcast may just replace Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH) in a couple months in the MyLVTV slot after Ring of Honor (ROH). There will be talent from CWFH here in Las Vegas, but they are also looking to bring in new wrestlers. Several who compete in Hollywood
already wrestle here regularly with FSW. Will the talent be thinned out, or will it create more spots for grapplers who want to venture into the Vegas Valley more often? UWN is using more Nevada talent than ever before and intends to do live events in 2020.

They're not the only ones. Vampiro recently announced his new Dojo/school called Lucha Fight Club scheduled to open August 1st. Versus Pro Wrestling also announced were side by side with Vampiro and his new enterprise which may have been a lifeline for the young promotion who is no longer booking shows at the FSW Arena.
This has been one of the wildest wrestling years in recent memory. From the emergence of Chris Bey, Killer Kross’ Return, Double or Nothing, and Jon Moxley at the Arena the sport is as hot ever here in Southern Nevada. We can only imagine what’s next?

Here’s a link to the original announcement in May:

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