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He's Brash, He's Cocky, He's Bobby Bemer, and You're not!

Bobby Bemer is the founder of The Dealership, and a Manager of many talents despite being in the game only a couple years. He produces high-quality promos in the ring and on Social Media where he excels. Bemer took the time to talk to Las Vegas Wrestling Scene about how he got into the business and what are the chances for his newest client, the monster Congo Crush. How he was introduced to Pro Wrestling?
I got introduced before I can remember honestly. My uncle when I was a baby used to put on old NWA and WWWF tapes when I was little back in Michigan. I can always remember WWF on Saturday morning with Jake the Snake and Roddy Piper and then WCW Saturday night at 6:05 eastern with Sting and Ron Simmons those were the days.” Was it something you always wanted to do? “Of course when I was a kid I did the typical stuff you hear a lot of people in the business say. I moved the couch cushions to the floor, wrestled my stuffed animals and my dad would always let me win, and had the action figures, magazines and all that just got hooked. I saw them as real-life heroes with the over the top personas. I even did the backyard wrestling thing when I was in high school although that is very ill-advised. I got literally lit on fire once doing that nonsense so like they say do not try this at home. The only thing that held me back this long is size. I know I'm a smaller guy which is what I was always told. I mean I played some high school football, some neighborhood baseball and stuff like that and am athletic but I'm not 6'5 253lbs so I always thought I was too small.”

Bemer saw himself in show business at some point in his life, as he explains, “I always wanted to be an entertainer though as the 9-5 thing was never for me, nothing against it but just not my thing. I learned to play bass guitar and took theatre in high school mainly because I thought it would be an easy A for English. Turned out I was good at Improv and doing scenes and getting into character. So when I went to college that's what I studied with the hopes of being an actor or director or maybe even standup or improv actor.” Did you do some acting at all after college? “Naw I did some local plays and improv stuff but this was in Michigan so there was not a lot of filmmaking things going on circa 2003. Then I made the decision to move to Las Vegas. Was there a specific reason you moved to Southern Nevada? “One, more entertainment options out here, Two, to help my parents move because of medical issues they had to move out of the cold, and Three, to eventually make it to California. Well, long story short never got to the coast, been there to visit but never moved, he continued, “When I first moved out here (Las Vegas)I tried to do some extra work and find an agent, but let me tell you a lot of scams. I got ripped twice by places that said: "they can get you into movies and TV if you pay them X amount of dollars". Then you go to some office do like year one acting exercises they got out of a manual and tell you to invest more for headshots and other crap. One place out here took my money, said they were a reputable agency and would set up auditions. Now two of those things were true they were reputable and set up auditions but for little kids ads and TV shows. I went on a call, sat there for almost two hours, auditioned, and the guy said: "that's great but we are looking for a ten-year-old." Should have known when all I see were kids. So after that, I just started my own website and tried to get into the YouTube thing again ahead of my time. We’re talking 2006ish when it took 3 hours to upload a video. Sold some shirts and moved on.”
When did you decide to give wrestling a try? Were you still watching it? “Oh yeah I was still watching it the whole time, it actually helped me out a lot. When my dad passed away I got really deep into it again and it kept my mind off of stuff. Even got my then-girlfriend, now wife, into it. I showed her old stuff, new stuff and she really liked the concept of it.” Some chance encounters turned into a career change, I actually got into it by happenstance. One day my wife saw a flyer at the mall for the Cauliflower Alley Club convention. I heard of it before but never knew it was here in Vegas. We went and back then this was 2013 so I had already been to a few conventions and the like but I was marking out a little. I'm walking around and all of a sudden Paul Orndorff is there and Marty Jannetty chats me up a bit, and then Scott Hall wants to sneak into the back row me and my Son are hanging out in it was surreal. It was here I met Sinn Bodhi.”
The Warlord of Weird became a major influence on his career, “I knew who he was from TNA early days which I was a fan of and went up to his table and started talking to him. I always thought his character was interesting and different in a sea of all Black gear badasses on the circuit. We got to chatting and just had the same sense of humor and ideals about wrestling and that was it. A few months later I discovered this thing called Twitter and started following actors and wrestlers and people I was interested in. I would put out my little comedy tweets and dumb stuff and wouldn't you know he started following me back. Now I'm getting the news for local shows and I keep running into him, and a few of the other local guys. I hear he's opening up a wrestling school and fantasy camp. I almost did the fantasy camp thing, but the week before my wife sat me down and said "you can do this" you have the talent and charisma to do this". She mentioned the acting thing and not going on with that which had a lot to do with my dad's death. She basically told me to try it what have you got to lose. So that Saturday at Snakepit open house I went saw what it was all about and signed up that day. That has been my home ever since day oneish lol”

What a great story. Patience is the key. Did you start wrestling first or managing/referee? “I started right off the bat as a manager being a smaller guy and starting this at a later age 33 I figured it would be a better path. I see smaller wrestlers on the circuit and they are goo,d and figured I could do that but Instead of competing with thousands I realized there are not a lot of managers out there that can take a bump. So I went with that however when I started and Sinn and D-Lo Brown and Jake Roberts saw that I could be physical so they had me in there doing the same drills and moves as a lot of the wrestlers. Which I loved but I adapted that to the way managers move and get hit. Like Bobby Heenan said "Manage like a wrestler, and wrestle like a manager". True story, one night Jake was running drills and had me get tossed in the ring over the ropes and tossed back out about 30-35 times in a row. Now because of that, I can put that anywhere I need.”
What Managers influenced you? “Heenan was the man and is still the best in my opinion. Jimmy Hart was another legend which I have had the pleasure to meet and pick his brain. A few more of my tops are Capt. Lou Albano, Sensational Sheri, Slick was always entertaining and even Drake Maverick. Scott D’Amore also had the goods to get the crowd really heated. I feel a great manager can take any wrestler and make them hated or loved but always make sure he doesn't overshadow them. Just accentuate them like seasoning on food. I still feel in my taste that the character stuff is equal if not more important than the moves. Big moves look cool but fans remember and come back for the character”
Where did you get your start? “I actually started in Big Valley Wrestling(BVW) almost two years ago. And yes I do remember my first match, I managed the tag team of Olympus Monz, now known as the Kings Ransom in OVW. We went up against the strong style squad with Jace Battle, Jay Cafe, and Jody the Wrestler. Oh, also gotta send some love to my brother Kyle Hawk working with him was awesome on the Lucha shows I feel we have the same picture and ideas on being a heel and getting over it just drove people crazy.”
Bemer says he’s getting back into his groove and found some new opportunities as well,” You gotta make it count and I'm not upset I have done some amazing things in fact wrestling has led to working on movies through the help of Tom Devlin, who has a monster museum in Boulder City got me on a movie where Sinn Bodhi and I are in called Weedjies Halloweed Night coming this October so everything comes full circle.”

His newest client Congo Crush is preparing for the Sin City Survivor Match Sunday, September 1st. I asked his manager, Is he ready? Now onto Congo and the sin city survival match. He is a younger kid however he is hungry (no pun intended) we have some stiff competition but like I said in the promo I don't think anyone is as focused as we are. Congo doesn't care about money, or the fame he cares about being the king of the jungle and with my help is laser-focused on winning. I have scouted all the other competitors in the match and have given him a great strategy. As many have seen he is a certified monster and when put on a mission…he cannot be stopped.”
If Congo wins is there a specific Title you’re seeking? You called for a Title Shot. “Well as you've seen Congo has one thing in mind Domination. Also to be clear the crowd chanted title match before I ever did. Now either the Las Vegas title or the Heavyweight title would look great around Congo's shoulder. Now Ducqets is a dangerous opponent he is trying to be the new star breaking out of the Players Club and we all saw what he did to Leon Hater and that was his brother and that makes him very very dangerous. That can also make him unfocused if he's not careful. Then there is the Man, (BVW Champion) Frank the Tank who has been running rough shot over the entire BVW locker room as well as stars they bring in. I mean he is a legit Heavyweight who can do dives and not to be taken lightly. Once again Congo is also a monster and if anyone can match Frank in size it would be us and like I said before If Congo is locked on target he is unstoppable. We will see after September 1st how it plays out you know neither of them could be the champ and we would have to challenge someone else entirely”
Any plans on expanding the Dealership? The dealership is always ready to expand. Right now the main focus is in this match and Congo once we get a strap and control people will be dying to join the dealership. And I do have my eye on a few prospects but that is for the future right now it's all about the Sin City Survival match.”
 “In closing the Dealership is the best thing going today and I'm just a showman, a host, and a lot of people out there are some bad and some good but,  I'm Bobby Bemer and they’re not!"

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