Thursday, August 15, 2019

Is Damian Drake the favorite for FSW Wrestler of the Year?

Damian Drake Winning Title at No Escape

When Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Heavyweight Champion “Ultimate FinesserChris Bey vanquished Killer Kross and Hammerstone left with two Titles at FSW10 it was easy to think those two would be the favorites at this point for FSW Wrestler of the Year. FSW No Limits Champion “New Age DaredevilDamian Drake not only has an argument but based on his resume he could be the favorite.
The Daredevil won the No Limits Gold on January 25th at No Escape when he dropped from the Cage and finished off his old rival “ChiefOwen Travers among others (Ice Williams). Drake has a list of wins many would be proud of. He has wins over “Flip ArtistMatt Vandagriff, “SuperstarJake Atlas, Travers, Shaggy McLovin, Nick Bugatti, Suede Thompson, and eliminated Bey in the Limitless Tournament. Unfortunately, that Tourney is also his one blemish. He was taken down in the Final by “IronheartDouglas James in April, but outside of that his slate has been clean. Let’s not forget it was his third match of the evening since he debuted with LUCHA LIBRE AAA Worldwide (AAA) in Tijuana the night before, but I digress.
Still not buying it? Ok…What has Damian Drake done in 2019 that nobody in FSW has? He’s 3-0 in the Casino Shows. That’s right Sam’s Town Live has been his second home this year. Former FSW Tag Team Champions One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) have three wins too, but they got caught slipping at FSW10 dropping the Belts minutes after the third W (Graves Cash in). A loss is a loss though and as former NFL coach and Hall of Famer Bill Parcells said, “You are what your record says you are.” The Casino shows are the biggest ones on the FSW Calendar and Drake is the only one who is 3-0. That’s pretty special. Let’s not get this twisted there is still plenty of work to do if he wants to take home the award starting with Saturday Night.
If he gets his hand raised again he’s 4-0 and is staring at MECCA V with a potential date with Douglas James or even TJ Perkins. Those two studs fought to a classic draw on June 23rd and with DJ’s prior win over Drake and Perkins resume either would warrant a Title shot. Both would likely favorites over the Champion. A win over Perkins is career-changing, and would certainly put Damian on level terms with Bey for the award, but a win over “Ironheart” may mean more. James has been Drake’s nemesis and to make matters worse put him to sleep in the Arena to win Limitless and was banged up pretty bad to boot.
Bey’s win over Kross is monumental, carries a lot of cache’ and he beat Douglas James so there is no way to get around that. However, if Drake gets past MECCA V with the strap it is clearly a two-horse race. Bey has called-out Drake recently on Social Media to do the match again, so hopefully, it’s in FSW.
No matter what this has been a massive breakout year for the New Age Daredevil and will be a favorite for the award regardless. We just have to wait and see how 2019 plays out, but if the early returns are a good indicator Damian Drake will have a lot to say about it.

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