Monday, August 5, 2019

Why the Rejuvenated FSW Women's Division has a Bright Future...

Sandra Moone has arrived-Photo @baronovech

Wrestling fans complain (shocker) all the time about Brock Lesnar being WWE Champion as a part-timer. He’s not around to defend the Championship enough, and blah blah blah. You could make a similar argument about the Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Women’s Championship. Taya Valkyrie is the current Women’s Champion and hasn’t defended the strap since January 25th against Katie Forbes at No Escape. She wrestled Suede Thompson and Heather Monroe in a Non-Title Triple-Threat at MECCA IV, but since then it’s been silence.
Now Taya is no Brock Lesnar, is full-time, and does more in the ring than be scary and perform German-Suplexes. She’s the IMPACT Knockouts Champion and has been since January 6th when she beat her nemesis Tessa Blanchard. Since then she has victories over Jordynne Grace, Su Yung, Madison Rayne and Jessica Havok, so her obligations as Knockouts Champ keep her very busy. MECCA V is on the horizon which could be her next defense. So…who’s next? That was a difficult question to ask before this summer. Sandra Moone and Heather Monroe were the only regulars and the latter was semi.  Moone challenged Taya in December 2018 at Against All Odds coming up short.
However, Mazzerati returned to the women’s ranks earlier this summer, and like her or not she’s brought plenty of energy to go with the more recent additions of KyraMogwaiBatara, Lacey Ryan, and GinaDangerMazany. Could we see any of these talented ladies challenge Taya in the near future? Yesterday afternoon at the Future Stars of Wrestling Student Showcase Sandra Moone, Mazzerati, and Lacey Ryan faced each other in a Triple-Threat Main Event and gave the FSW Fans a glimpse of a very bright present and future in the women’s division. 

Let's look at the Top Contenders:
Lacey Ryan Sunday - Photo @baronovech
Sandra Moone – You have to start with Moone. She’s already faced Taya and certainly has gained from that experience and has taken on the top talent in the Wild West like Valkyrie, Bryn Thorn,Leslie Iris, Vipress, Mazzerati, Ruby Raze, and Lacey Ryan. Victories were tough to come by early in the year but now she looks more confident every time out. Sunday afternoon she challenged both her opponents saying neither was good enough to beat her. Moone has split results with them prior to the Main Event (beat Ryan, lost Mazzerati), but her loss was “questionable” at best. She beat Lacey July 20th but she ate the pin yesterday…

Lacey Ryan – Lacey dropped her debut to Sandra, but looked good in a losing effort against Suede in Intergender action Friday night. Ryan grew from the loss picking up an impressive win Sunday afternoon in the Main Event pinning Sandra Moone with a beautiful frog splash. We should be seeing a lot more of Lacey which is great news for the FSW Women’s division. As her comfort level grows so will her win total.
Mazzerati – As Sandra Moone and Kyra Batara learned Mazzerati and her “boo thang” Nick Bugatti are very dangerous. Mazzerati is mean, nasty, and capable of doing anything to win. She is in her
Kyra Batara vs Mazzerati Friday Night @baronovech
element and calls a bachelorette party “Bitches” or yells at fans for not clapping for her this lady gets noticed. It’s a mental game, and she wants the opponent to hate her so much they lose focus and that’s when she takes advantage. Add some possible interference from the Italian Flamingo and she can beat anyone.
Kyra “Mogwai” Batara – Who else wanted Mazzerati to tap? The MMA star has been impressive in the ring and loves the chance to wrestle. While we don’t know how often we’ll see the 24-year-old, but she’s a major threat when she is. She had moments of dominance against Mazz and was ready to close the match out when the Flamingo interjected and took her and Suede out. Batara is capable of beating her opponents anywhere the fight goes with a strong all-around game, and as she gets more comfortable in the wrestling ring it won’t be long before she starts adding wrestling belts to her Trophy Case.
Gina “Danger” Mazany – The MMA star fought at Natural Born Killers on July 5th, and competed last December in the Against All Odds Rumble. With talk of more NBK Shows in the future, we may see even more of “Danger” and “Mogwai” in those events too.
 Either way in a matter of months the women’s division has gotten very interesting with a good collection of talent returning and arriving. The other divisions have been the talk of the FSW 2019 campaign and now with the recent signings, we can add the ladies to the conversation too.   

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