Monday, April 20, 2020

Brock's place in WWE history...

Photo: Online World of Wrestling

Monday, February 17, 2020

Bobby’s Big Night...

Bobby Bemer made a massive statement tonight as his team of Congo Crush, Frank “”The Tank,” and Kyle Hawk beat Fresco-Mattic, Bushido the Bear, and Santana Jackson who ate a knee from “The Savage” he won’t remember tomorrow. Is this the new Dealership we’ve heard whispers about? We interviewed Bemer last summer ahead of Congo Crush’s Sin City Survivor Match September 1st about possible Dealership expansion:

“The dealership is always ready to expand. Right now the main focus is in this match and Congo once we get a strap and control people will be dying to join the dealership. And I do have my eye on a few prospects but that is for the future right now it's all about the Sin City Survival match.” Bobby has cornered for Frank recently, and he has a history with Kyle Hawk and has great respect for him as he said in the interview, “gotta send some love to my brother Kyle Hawk working with him was awesome on the Lucha shows I feel we have the same picture and ideas on being a heel and getting over it just drove people crazy.”
Not surprisingly Bemer was the picture of confidence when he brought Congo and Frank out to help Hawk this afternoon at the Dahara Event Center against Fresco and Primo
Pulpo. We asked him after the show if this was The New Dealership but he was non-committal about it,  but was hopeful he would work with “The Savage” down the road. If these four join forces it would send shockwaves throughout BVW. Either Congo, Frank, or Hawk are capable of winning Bemer his first BVW Gold and then some. This is a lethal unit and it was a big night for them and their Manager. #lasvegaswrestlingscene #hesbobbybemerandyournot